Westford Unwind

Westford Unwind

what began as an ambitious attempt at connecting all the employees at Westford is now turning into one of the most anticipated events of the month. Westford Unwind witnessed its 3rd successful episode on October 14th, paving the way for a dynamic exchange of ideas over a cup of coee, improving the team spirit and zeal while of course keeping the bar of motivation high.

The 3rd episode of Westford Unwind was hosted by Mr. Raya Yamazaki saw the right start with Mr. Hanil – the Executive Director, sharing a quick update of the upcoming events at WUC. This was quickly followed by a creatively designed video that narrated and congratulated the journey of Ms. Sufia Munir [Having completed 4 Years] at Westford University College.

The reins of the digital stage were then handed over to Ms. Shifali Singh, who shared an interesting travel review of Iceland while inspiring the audience to travel solo. Oh! And we must say, the session ended with everyone highly motivated to travel by themself at least once in their lifetime and create unforgettable memories!

Why I Chose To Talk About Traveling?
Travelling does much more for the mind, body, and soul than just physically transporting you from one city to another. There is something enriching and enlightening about the stories we create and gather while embarking on a journey as we seek adventure, peace, purpose, or just a change of pace. Traveling solo, on the other hand, opens the doors to a world of experiences that otherwise remain undiscovered in the company of family, friends, or colleagues.

In the last Unwind session, I chose to talk about my experiences with traveling solo and featured a brief review of Iceland since it is one of the most beautiful and safest countries I have visited. Being an avid traveler myself and getting a taste of what it is like to travel alone, narrating my experiences seemed like a great way to encourage my colleagues to go for a solo trip that is bound to change their lives forever.


The kind of lifestyle that we lead, with everyday home and work responsibilities, there is little time to focus on ourselves and our personal growth. Traveling alone allows us to trust and depend on ourselves. It helps us to realize that there are so many things waiting to be discovered by us. It allows us to explore new cultures and activities, try new cuisines, learn new languages, and network with people we would probably never have had the courage to connect with if we were in the presence of those who we already know.


I believe that I have been successful in unleashing the travel bug on many since I have received feedback that my webinar has been a hot topic of discussion in multiple conversations. To me, if there is anything that comes close to feeling as amazing as traveling, it is having a positive impact on the people around me, so on that note, I would like to say – mission accomplished!

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