Youth Business Leadership Program

Youth Business Leadership Program
As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others – Bill Gates Back in 2020, Mr. Hanil Das, Co -founder and CEO of Westford University College, realized that the pandemic has deeply limited and affected graduating or nearly graduating students’ growth and exposure to the real world along with pressurizing parents with innumerable expenses to bear if they wished to keep their children well informed. In addition, there wasn’t a good outlet for them to expose their children to either, as it was a first for many educational institutions to experience something like this. Although many universities provided online courses for free, none of the educational platforms provided anything like a free program that would empower students’ knowledge and their development. Thus, the idea struck of having a 4-week long program that would educate, and connect the students with real-world industrialists, Passionists, enthusiasts, and ultimate visionaries and students from all over the world. In short, the invention of the Westford Youth Business Leadership Program (WYBLP) happened. WYBLP is a program tailored for 16 – 20-year-old youth, that come from any university or school, as long as they meet the age criteria.

The purpose of this program is to expose the students to the real-world work-life requirements and the plethora of opportunities lying in front of them in different streams. The YBLP program helps understand how new ideas and innovations are thought through by great leaders and change – makers.

The students are trained to start thinking critically on important matters; along with providing an outlet where the youth recognize themselves and their limitations.


Hitherto, the 4-week program was carefully tailored and divided into 4 Themes. Personal Branding, Digital Toolkit, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. Each week a theme would be discussed, and students would be introduced to a new speaker, a new topic related to the theme, and new energy.
Week 3 – Discusses the Entrepreneurial Journey of individuals and what it takes to really push oneself to aim for their dreams.
Week 4 – Discusses how to handle all different emotions and pressure and still have the stability to lead their life effectively.

This program is a journey of self-realization, from self-recognition to self-empowerment, and how to continue being content with yourself. With additional elements added to the program and certificates to be offered free of cost, WYBLP 2022 just became grandeur.
Every year, WYBLP comes up with something new for the students, which just reflects what Westford as an educational institution believes in and that is “Education is not limited to a degree alone, it’s an emotion, a feeling of empowerment, and an outlet for opportunities”.

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