Workshop On Academic Poster Presentation Techniques

Workshop On Academic Poster Presentation Techniques
An engaging session led by Westford's Psychology Team

“The Psychology Club of Westford University College had organised a poster presentation workshop to ensure that participants were able to create and design academic posters and critically evaluate journal articles. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn all the technical and fine details that make up a poster presentation. From how to present in front of a live audience to the poster layout that best appeals to the audience, all the necessary aspects that the students were not aware of were discussed in the session. The session began with a brainstorming session by Ms. Margarita and it was further led by Ms. Nisha Suresh, who has many years of experience in poster presentations and conter ences.
Teamwork was a key factor in this workshop. In all activities, students were encouraged to collaborate with other participants and present their own poster presentations in the competition, resulting in a very entertaining event.
I took the opportunity to challenge myself to create a poster presentation within a limited time. It was definitely a great event! All students learned techniques that they can use in

Rasika Devi

BSc in Business Psychology with HRM

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