Women’s Day Talk With Reem Siddique Backer

An active sports enthusiast who participated in close to 70 races in the GCC, which includes Marathons, Duathlon, Triathlon, Aquathlon and obstacle course races, from 2019 till date. She recently completed the IRONMAN 70.3 miles, held in Dubai on 5th of March 2022. She spoke to Westfordians about the importance of following their passions and following a healthy lifestyle. She said no matter how challenging her day turns out to be she always ‘show up’! Her energy and incredible achievements were a great source of motivation to all Westfordians, especially for the young women in the audience who found her story very inspiring.
Her effortless charm and energy resonated well with our young audience, and they asked her many questions about her life, fitness regime and passions, which she happily answered. The interview with Ms. Reem Backer gave us a better understanding of how anybody can be a sports person with the right amount of determination and dedication. Her resolve to make a positive transformation in her life and ‘never say never’ attitude have made her a true game-changer in a sport that has been dominated by men for so long! A great session and so opportune for ‘Women’s Day’!
“There is no one who is going to do things for you, you must figure it out, you have to push yourself. And if there is one person who can change it, it is you, only you.” – Reem Siddique Backer
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