Westfordians Volunteered for the 15th Season of Emirates Festival of Literature

Westfordians Volunteered for the 15th Season of Emirates Festival of Literature
Emirates Festival of Literature is an annual international literature festival in the United Arab Emirates. On its 15th season, the festival gathered almost 200 plus authors from around the world, for the sessions during 1st -6th of February held at Mohammed Bin Rashid Library and Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City. This year, the theme was titled: Old Friends as they bring back together all the authors from previous seasons. Our students had a great opportunity to be a part of this momentous festival in Dubai as volunteers for various work posts. More than 100 student volunteers from Westford signed up and were able to participate in the 6 days fully packed event. Being part of its pool of volunteers, students were able to experience the fun of working with different people, meeting new friends and a close interaction with Internationally acclaimed authors and appreciate the importance of reading and literature.

It is my pleasure to share that I had an amazing experience at the Emirates Literature Festival. As a book lover myself, I had a great time with fellow book admirers and the atmosphere was so exciting with energetic people and curious minds of young readers. The best part of being a volunteer is that you work with different people and attend sessions by various authors and get to read the latest books.

Mahawish Rehan

Bsc (Hons) in Business Management – CCCU

My experience at the Emirates Litfest was amazing. I met many different people and made new friends. It was so fascinating to be a part of the backstage team for the events and seeing how an event of this magnitude gets carried out. It was also super enlightening to see so many authors and hear their stories. I absolutely enjoyed volunteering and I would love to do it again.” 

Divyanjali Raj

BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication – LJMU

Working at Emirates Literature Festival as a social media coordinator was such an awesome experience. It helped me in improving my employability skills and making new friends. I also got the chance of meeting my favorite and well-known authors and personalities and learned a lot throughout the event. I am thankful to Westford for providing such a wonderful opportunity to me. 


Talha Kamran

BA (Hons) in Media, Culture and Communication – LJMU

I had a fantastic time working at Emirates LitFest. Meeting authors and booksellers was a lot of fun. The coolest part of volunteering for me was getting to know and interact with so many individuals, including well-known authors. My favorite experience was when I volunteered backstage at the David Williams show and got to meet him during the sound check. The line outside was long, but because I was a volunteer, I got to meet him first. I appreciate Westford giving us the chance to participate in the largest literature event in the Middle East! 

Emaan Sajjad

BSc (Hons) in Business Management – CCCU

I had the pleasure of volunteering at Emirates LitFest and it was truly an incredible experience. The festival was well-organized and had a diverse range of speakers and events that attracted a wide audience. As a volunteer, I felt valued and appreciated for my contribution whether it was helping guests find their way around the festival or assisting with book signings. The staff and fellow volunteers were friendly supportive and created a warm atmosphere that made me feel a part of community. It was inspiring to see how passionate the organizers and volunteers were about promoting literacy and the love of reading. Overall, the volunteering at Emirates LitFest was a rewarding and unforgettable experience that allowed me to learn new skills, meet fascinating people, and give back to the community. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves books and wants to be a part of a meaningful event. 

Jatin Israni

BA (Hons) in Business in International Business - LJMU

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