Westfordians at the Undergraduate Research Competition (URC), by the Abu Dhabi University

Westfordians at the Undergraduate Research Competition (URC), by the Abu Dhabi University

Students from Westford University College secured first place in the 10th Undergraduate Research Competition (URC) held by Abu Dhabi University on Thursday, 18 May 2023, under the patronage of HE Dr Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education.

The URC is the largest undergraduate research event in the GCC and MENA region, and it provides an opportunity for students to display their unique ideas and develop them into research and creative initiatives. With over 400 submissions from 64 universities in 14 countries this year, the competition was aimed to develop students’ skills and foster the next generation of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers who will contribute to the UAE’s knowledge-based economy and sustainability, by directly supporting the UAE government’s drive to foster innovation.

Westford University College presented two teams, one pitched the idea of CARENEXUS, an AI-powered Healthcare app that evaluates mental wellness using vocal biomarkers. The winning team proposed the concept of AIRIS, a unique technology built in a smart pair of spectacles aimed at the hearing impaired.

To see them fill the room with excitement and enthusiasm and bring home the winning title of first place was a true source of pride!

Participating in the 10th Undergraduate Research Competition held by Abu Dhabi University was the experience of a lifetime. I am thankful to Westford for providing us with this wonderful opportunity, and I want to thank our mentors for their continuous assistance and support during this time.

It was encouraging to come across individuals who were truly interested in our study and research. This experience has broadened my knowledge and given me a renewed feeling of confidence and appreciation for research. It proved to be an important first step towards making a meaningful contribution to the world of academia with our minuscule approach.

My team researched our project, an AI-integrated medical healthcare application called "CareNexus." This innovative application utilized voice-biomarker technology to provide predicted diagnoses based on the user's speech placing us in the innovation category of the competition. I’m extremely grateful and proud of my team who each played their strengths to their best ability. I must also extend my congratulations to the other Westford University team that worked tirelessly and secured first place with their exceptional research on AI Smart glasses - AIRIS. 

Reyha Rao

BSc (Hons) Business with Finance – LJMU

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi University for the prestigious Undergraduate Research Competition, the largest of its kind in the GCC and MENA region. This event gathers students from various disciplines, showcasing their research projects in all aspects. I represented Westford University and participated in the competition's innovation category.

It was a thrilling experience to witness the exceptional calibre of research projects and engage with fellow students who shared the same passion for knowledge and innovation. Abu Dhabi University provided an exceptional platform for students to present their research findings, fostering an environment that encouraged intellectual growth and collaboration. Winning the first prize in the innovation category for Westford University College was an absolute honour and a testament to the dedication and hard work put into our research project.

The recognition we received not only validated our efforts but also motivated us to push the boundaries of innovation further. Participating in this event was a truly transformative experience. It broadened my horizons, allowing me to witness groundbreaking research from different disciplines and connect with like-minded individuals. The event emphasized the importance of research and its impact on society. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this event.   

Muhammed Khubaib

BA (Hons) in Sports Business – LJMU

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