Westfordians At The Second Edition Of The Global Leaders Summit Dubai 2022

Westfordians At The Second Edition Of The Global Leaders’ Summit Dubai 2022

The Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program, funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, brings together mixed-country delegations of students and adult
mentors on a single platform to explore themes that range across entrepreneurship, environment, and public health. The youth exchange program was designed to promote high-quality leadership, civic responsibility, and engagement through entrepreneurship among future leaders.

The program presents the principles of democracy and civil society while providing participants with the right exposure that allows them to develop their leadership and civic engagement skills. The Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation is also the body responsible for the West African Youth Award. The core mission of the Foundation is to create a hub for interaction and idea dissemination amongst the youth in the region. This year the foundation paved way for the Second Edition of the Global Leaders’ Summit Dubai 2022 that hosted 50 most influential leaders from around the globe. The theme of the event was ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ – a need-of-the-hour discussion for the students that are set out to become future leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

Hosted within the walls of Radisson Red Hotel, the special Guest of Honor for the Summit was Highness Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mulla. A keynote address was presented by Dr. Anuraag Guglaani, the Group CEO/Board Member – Asmara Holdings Group. The summit was bifurcated into 3 panels anchored by a line-up of extremely talented individuals hailing from a total of 4 different continents. Another Guest speaker who stood out for his contributions to the African Community and was recognized as the Son of Africa was, His Excellence Dr. Nabhit Kapur who is a Senior Advisor for the Government of Somaliland and Liberia in India. Critical and thought-provoking discussion took place around topics ranging from Women's representation and empowerment across major sectors like
  • Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Mental Health
  • Disruptive Innovation Post the Pandemic
The event ended with the conferment of awards to the Panelists. This Summit empowered and equipped the Student Council members at Westford to go out there and make a difference in any little way that truly matters, to positively influence their peers to contribute to the community, and to continue to break glass ceilings that are not always visible.

To start, I want to thank Westford university college for arranging a field trip to the Global's Leader Summit for the Student Council which allowed me to interact and socialize with fellow council members outside my batch. In addition, giving me a chance to attend and listen to different leaders and experts in the current industry with their opinion and prediction on the current industry. I got to learn new things not only in the business field but also in other aspects of life. For example, listening to Sacha Jafri on his view related to art and humanity has resonated with me and increased my knowledge both in the art industry and human nature itself.

Luis Emmanuel Marcelo

B.Sc in Business Management CCCU


Industrious and progressive leaders and entrepreneurs traveled from four continents to make a difference at the Pan African Youth Leadership Foundation Global Leaders’ Summit Dubai 2022.
Panelists discussed crucial topics such as empowering women, mental health care, and female acceptance in various fields such as engineering and artificial intelligence. It was an excellent
opportunity for me to meet these influential leaders as one of the 20 student council members.
They gave me a lot to think about and reflect on.

Arsheen Arkati

BA (Hons) Business with Finance LJMU

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