Westfordians at the AIESEC- Zero Sustainability Competition!

Westfordians at the AIESEC- Zero Sustainability Competition!

Protecting the planet is one of the world’s top priorities right now. Our world is undergoing enormous climatic changes that deserve our undivided attention. Every individual can make a difference, and WUC students want to do exactly that.

AIESEC recently hosted Deep Dive into Sustainable Solutions (DDSD), a transformative event in which students venture deep into sustainability and international business and collaborate to create new solutions. There were around 15 teams who competed, with WUC students taking third place.

Our students came up with unique solutions that made a breakthrough in the worlds of sustainability and business.

In addition to attending a seminar by Hanan al Shaibi, the CEO of an environmental group, students learnt a great deal about sustainability and its definitions. They learnt a lot from her and were excited to be a part of the conference.

Overall, the event was nothing less than exciting, educational, and super inspiring. The speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, sharing valuable insights and experiences that left a lasting impact on the audience. The event also provided a great networking platform, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded individuals and build meaningful connections.  

It was an exciting event in which three Westford teams, including ours, competed enthusiastically. Despite the stiff competition, our team demonstrated outstanding collaboration and effort, winning us a well-deserved third place. The experience was unique, and I am delighted to have been a part of such an uplifting event. DDSD at Youth X brought out the best in us, and we are pleased with what we accomplished.

Nandu Sreelal

BSc (Hons) in Business with Digital Marketing, LJMU

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