Westford Youth Business Leadership Program

Westford Youth Business Leadership Program

Youth Business Leadership Program (YBLP) is one of the most exclusive Online Programs provided by Westford University College. This is a CSR project and one of its kind.

This initiative is primarily tailored for the youth aged between 16 – 20-year-olds, which includes high-school or university students worldwide as they are the key players and the future of tomorrow. Today the world is moving at a breakneck speed, organizations must keep up with the current competitive market and future trends to accomplish their vision. Ergo, participants in this program will be forced to learn and unlearn some of the ways they have been functioning, to ensure that their leadership skills, personable skills, and entrepreneurial skills are positioned for growth and prepared to manage change, uncertainty, and complex dynamics to ensure successful personal growth.

The program is an Online Journey of 4 weeks wherein each week there are different topics and, each topic has got a different speaker that enhances the
learning of the individuals both personally and professionally. A leader’s dexterity in effective decision-making is of utmost importance but ensuring that successful learning experience is important. This program has been developed by employing sequential learning to ensure maximum realistic applicability of the acumen, framework, and insights that leaders can take away.

Young Adults of today require a good foundation and realistic understanding of the future and YBLP is providing a solution for that, that too for free. This online leadership skills enhancing platform has proved time and again its success, by conquering successful milestones with every single step. From having 120 participants enrolled in 2020 to having more than 500 participants in 2022 is a huge success and showcases the belief the participants of the learning have received throughout this program, which enabled this program to become a success. A snippet of this leadership journey’s success is echoed time and again by its participants a few comments are here to share:


I recently completed the Westford University College's, Youth Business Leadership Program (YBLP), and I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. I loved how Ms. Wadad Maalouf, an Empowerment Coach and a Wellness & Leadership Programs organizer for Corporates introduced us to different personalities and we performed a breathing exercise.

I also loved Ms. Sally Holland, Founder of InPursuit Consultancy used her own experiences and stories as an example to help us understand how to deal with conflicts in our prime age. Furthermore, the whole conversation with Ms. Naseema Talib, an author, NLP Coach, and motivational speaker spoke to us about how to create our professional development plan and further our growth by becoming more self-aware. I am glad that I joined YBLP and gained so much knowledge in different areas from diverse speakers on a variety of topics. This program for me personally leads a path toward self-assurance, self-awareness, and self-empowerment. I appreciate Westford for letting us feel that "education is not confined to only a degree" through this program.

Bilal Farooq

Student , from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School


I want to share my genuine thoughts without exaggerating, as my feelings, and emotions are 100% true towards the YBLP sessions. If anyone is wondering about the fruitfulness of YBLP, then please understand that this program should never be missed. If you get a chance, then do become a part of this program as it's more like a golden opportunity that comes occasionally. Imagine getting mentored by CEOs from top reputed companies, connecting with them, and asking questions. An opportunity of a lifetime! Getting first-hand exposure to the learnings and experiments of CEOs helped me become more motivated to take my business to new heights. At the age of 16, I realized the impact this program has had on me with fun sessions, wonderful faculties, and even better prizes. The best part of this program was, that ANYONE can join this program. As a young entrepreneur, the life lessons provided by the keynote speakers will be very handy and useful to grow my business. I cannot thank Westford enough for providing this platform.

Hibah Fathima

17-Year Old Entrepreneur, Owner of Azbah Designs and Academy


Enrolling in the Youth Business leadership Program at Westford was genuinely one of my best choices. Let’s start by saying that this is truly an eye-opener. The program has already entrusted me with numerous insights into being an incredible pioneer. Westford also allowed me to meet some of the finest corporate speakers and assets to ace the craftsmanship of entrepreneurship. A delightful program with corporate speakers around the globe is what makes YBLP so special!

Danish Rizwan Farazi

Web-Series Writer - - Student from Oxford School

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