Westford University College launches Westford Mentorship Program

Westford University College launches Westford Mentorship Program
There are some learning journeys that a university dreams to offer, and we at Westford strive to provide access to invaluable experiences that offer our students a pathway to becoming successful in their chosen professions. It’s a fact that 88% of company directors believe skills such as communication, organization and commercial awareness are just as important and, in some cases, more important than the academic knowledge and skills associated with a graduate’s qualification. To help tackle this knowledge gap for our students and to help improve their success as they graduate and enter the workforce, we have launched the ‘Westford Mentorship Program’.
The program is a unique fusion of connecting Westford’s current bachelors’ students as mentees to Westford‘s MBA Alumni’ as mentors. It’s a platform to bring together the powerhouse of Westford’s resource – ‘our students’!
The program was launched on Wednesday, 13th April 2022 at Pullman, Deira. It was attended by our 30 mentees and mentors from varied industry background. It was an exclusive event, where students got to connect with their mentors and vice versa. The mentors showed great enthusiasm in engaging with the mentees and this event alone set a high benchmark on what to expect in the future from both the mentor and mentee.
The event opened doors to a realm of opportunities for both mentors and mentees in terms of leadership and learning. Through this program, we aim to create an empowering platform to engage, connect, grow, and network.

Svetlana Eghterafi,

Regional Director – Lifology

The mentorship programme is going to benefit everybody who is involved in it. My expectation of the programme is to be as useful as possible to all of the mentees. Establish a sort of a circle of trust, vulnerability, openness and honesty between us. Where I can really try to help them find their inner voice, help them discover themselves better and also help them try to reach their maximum potential. As much as I hope to give to them, I also hope to receive back and be inspired by their journey as well.

Priya M Nair

Partner & CEO Doukani LLC

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the noise created by thought leaders, self-help books, and motivational content out there. 1:1 mentoring through WMP will ensure that students receive authentic and relevant guidance from mentors who have been there and done that - practical, evidence-based, and personalized advice

Vijay Dorairajan VP,

Head of Data Integration Practice, Evolvus Solutions Pvt Ltd

Having someone to mentor means a great deal for students who are about to embark on their life journey and through WMP, students are about to get this opportunity to be guided by experienced mentors which will give them access to decades worth of knowledge and wisdom, live from the horse’s mouth

Abdul Aziz Moolla

Dealer Development Manager - Audi Middle East

“Often the thought of doing something totally out of one’s comfort zone is met with many fears. These fears can be that the challenges are too big, the fear of not knowing what to do, or the biggest of all fears which is FAILURE. The 1:1 mentorship through WMP is the support structure that students need. As someone who has walked down that road and conquered some of those fears, I know first-hand how mentors support students through this incredible journey”.

Oussama Hamana

Customer Support Manager at Seddiqi Holding

Mentoring is a tool that helps with students' transition from life as a new student to graduation, and then on to their full career. Therefore, I am happy to be part of the Westford mentors’ team to help students develop their abilities, skills, and talents by sharing my experience, opinions, and perspectives which could give them the influence and guidance that they need to set a direction to reach their highest potential. Also, it is a chance for me to be exposed to a new way of thinking, new ideas, new practices that students have learned throughout their learning journey.

Mentee’s statement

David Isaac

BA (Hons) Business with International Business, LJMU

As a mentee for the Westford University mentorship program, I do feel that my biggest takeaway from it will be, how I grow myself as an individual and make a difference. I chose to be a part of this program because firstly, it is a one-of-a-kind experience where we get assigned mentors who will be able to guide us and offer their expertise within their fields. Additionally, with this experience I wanted my peers to see how this can be one of the most beneficial things to take part in. It is something extraordinary and I want to be that example for them.

Neha Rehman

BSc (Hons) in Business, CCCU

Getting the opportunity of being mentored by someone so skilled and experienced is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Through this mentorship, I hope to acquire and learn the necessary skills that'll help me establish a corporate point of view and will get me an insight into how the corporate culture works. I also hope to learn more skills regarding my field of interest - content writing and having an impact on people through storytelling. I am truly looking forward to this experience and I am very thankful to Westford for considering me for this program.

Guzal Mukhtaramin

BA (Hons) Business with Marketing, LJMU

During childhood when I used to watch movies about great people who had someone to look up to and then finally having the same opportunity is a blessing. To me being a Mentee is very important, as achieving my goals is not the only matter, but realizing that I am on my path to developing myself, my personality, and my vision. Learning from those who are already successful and mature is priceless. For me, as a woman and a mother, it’s crucial to reach my goals. My life mission is to drive other girls to be educated, motivated, and strong enough to live their happy life

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