Westford Undergraduate Student Council Members 2022 – 2023

Westford Undergraduate Student Council Members 2022 – 2023

Student council members are annually selected by the WUC student body and provide everyone an equal opportunity to be the voice of students. At Westford, we believe in giving our students a platform to develop their necessary skills that would not only help in their university life but also, in their careers. Running for student council is one of the most exciting experiences for a student. and it certainly showed during the campaign with the amount of effort they put in to be selected! After a rigorous selection proceed, the student council body was formed consisting of 40 talented
members. We are certain with the help of our newly elected members; Westford will reach greater heights.


What can be my message be to you guys? To those who know me, they would say “Take every opportunity that comes your way”, and those who don’t probably would assume it’s going to be, “Work hard and chase after your dreams”. Well, I can say it’s a mix of both really because at university
whether you are the first year, second year or a final year student like myself, opportunities are going to be presented to you and only you can decide whether to take it up or not. Afterward, if you do take
it, nothing is going magically fall on your lap. It is going to be up to you to make the best use of that opportunity and ensure you can learn the most from it. Moreover, I’m sure you all are wondering what are the changes that you are going to see over the year of this term, from not only me but from the council as well. Firstly, there is going to be a shift in mindset regarding how we view things, any competition or activity that we take part in, we are going with the intention of winning and removing the underdog mentality. Secondly, there is going to be a culture where every student will be having an opportunity to take part in all the activities that are going to happen in both, Tawun and Zahia campuses. Lastly, they’re going to be events that allow you all the be college students and actually take these memories and cherish them forever.

David Isaac

BA (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LJMU President - Student Council


Student council is a very crucial platform for every student and an opportunity every student awaits.
My experience in becoming a student council member has just begun but also has been rather enlightening. This opportunity is a great way for me to bridge the gap between students and faculty.
The very reason I'm in this position is thanks to the wonderful support shown to be my classmates who I consider more like a family. Together, WE will make a change, so get excited everybody, this year is going to be ours!

Ariba Abdul

B.Sc in Business Management, CCCU Vice President- Student Council


Representing the student council body is such an honor and I cannot put in words how happy I feel today. Being part of the Westford Student Council has provided me countless other opportunities like hosting WeConnect, Internship opportunity and most importantly, a platform to showcase my leadership skills. I'm so thankful of my batch mates and everyone who supported me throughout the election process. Westford has consistently pushed me forward and that is what makes me so proud to be a Westfordian.

Jatin Israni

BA (Hons) in Business with Marketing, LJMU Joint Secretary – Student Council

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