Westford Proudly Launches its Brand New Eco Club

Creating Opportunities for Innovation and Exploration

Sustainability is becoming a growing concern for everyone, everywhere, so
protecting our environment should be a top priority! Students at every level must
understand the value of ‘living sustainably’ because their attitudes and behaviours
will shape the future.

Westford is extremely proud to announce the launch of its very own ‘Eco Club’ that
will be run by Westford Eco-Champions. We are inviting all interested students to
join the club to avail the opportunity to share ideas and create solutions through
various environmentally friendly initiatives. The club members will create eco-
consciousness on campus and outside through various activities and campaigns. A
key objective of the eco-club is to align its practices with those of the Sustainable
Development Goals, 2030, as outlined by the United Nations.

This club will consist of a maximum of 20 students who will organize and participate
in campaigns, competitions, seminars, and any other eco-friendly activities.
Therefore, membership is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A tree planting initiative with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) was the first
event organized by the Eco-Club on the 15th of December 2021. 250 Westfordians
along with Westford employees planted trees and pledged to nurture and protect the
environment. This club will also encourage our students to be involved in
environmental initiatives, plant more trees in the UAE and globally, and be a part of
the bright and green future we all desire.

Change begins with you!

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