Westford Moves On To Division Level

Every year, International Toastmasters hosts an Area Club Contest, where speakers give extraordinary speeches and share remarkable stories, inspiring everyone present, and this year was no different. On 20th March 2022, Westford University College Toastmasters Club had the honour to be competing amongst the top clubs in the Area 64 of Division I. However, our excitement and pride were unimaginable when our very own, TM Banmeet Kaur, competing for the category of International Speech secured a second place among all participants. She will now proceed to represent Westford Toastmasters in the division level contest. Let’s hear from our participants:

Banmeet Kaur - (Winner)

BA (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LJMU
A beautiful Sunday morning of 20th March brought many joyful and learning experiences at the AREA 64 contest where I and seven others had the honour to represent Westford Toastmaster’s Club. The competition between the winners of four amazing clubs brought out so many creative and interesting speeches. All the participants were filled with enthusiasm and sportsman spirit throughout the contest which went very smooth. At the end day, during results announcements all I could pray was that at least one of us gets to represent Westford at the Division level, little did I know that I would be the chosen one. Winning second place at International Category was a moment filled with joy, I screamed with happiness and relief “YES I WON”. I would like to thank the Westford team for constant support and guidance, this wouldn’t be possible otherwise

Reyha Rao

BA (Hons) Business with Finance, LJMU
I had the honour of taking part in the area 64 contest through the Westford Toastmasters Club. It was indeed a fantastic experience to be in the company of so many skilled and experienced public speakers. All toastmasters attending the zoom call brought in their own unique element and displayed it while giving their speech. There were different people with varied cultural backgrounds and ages, so it was nice to see the range of topics they covered. I gained a lot of insight and it all felt worthwhile. All in all, an excellent first experience, and I am looking forward to many more.

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