Westford Expo 2020 Trip

2020 TRIP
Connecting Minds, Creating the Future
As we reached the Expo site, we were welcomed by an array of flags filling up the walkway all the way to the main gate, but if you thought the flag poles were spectacular, the jaw dropping gates made of carbon fiber, welcoming every visitor, was even larger than life — greeting every visitor who steps inside the world’s greatest show. As you enter, it felt as though you were transported into another world. Each pavilion uniquely designed, with more than 190 countries all over the globe, coming together to showcase their technologies and architectures. Expo 2020 is truly a visual marvel, and the students were honored to be part of the experience.
Westford students were invited by DP World to attend a career workshop at their pavilion. The DP World pavilion is nothing short of spectacular, centered around the concept of flow, demonstrating the connectivity and movement of cargo across the world. The futuristic backdrop made students even more excited to be attending an event on such a large stage. The program addressed a variety of career building skills and was extremely beneficial for young students wanting to start their career.

Thereafter, students had the opportunity to explore and visit other pavilions gaining more invaluable educational experiences. The vision of Expo 2020 is, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” and that is precisely what the trip was.

Mohammed Taif

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business Management, LJMU
Experiencing such a remarkable event held in Dubai is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as students. Expo 2020 taught us great lessons as we experienced diversity in its full glory. The entire place was buzzing with cultural and technological experiences. A great trip. .

Sanubar Iqbal

HND Art & Design (Fashion)
The visit to the Expo with my peers was a thrilling experience. We visited the DP Pavilion and learned more about one of the biggest cargo logistics companies situated in middle east. We learnt how DP World takes care of its cargo and how soft skills help us in developing ourselves in an organizational environment. I would like to thank Westford for giving me opportunity and gain information about the market in UAE and at the same time have fun with my colleagues during the trip.”

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