Westford Campus Placements With Alshaya Group

Westford Campus Placements With Alshaya Group

Westford in collaboration with Alshaya Group had the first campus hiring of the year 2023 in January. An

initiative by Westford to provide a holistic corporate exposure to our student base. A total of 39 candidates

attended the interviews from Westford, and 24 of them were hired by Al Shaya Group. Alshaya Group is a dynamic family-owned enterprise, first established in Kuwait. They have been in the business since 1890 and today Alshaya has become one of the world’s leading brand franchise operators, that offers a variety of renowned and loved international brands to the customers. Even though they’re based in Kuwait they have expanded across the entire MENA region, Turkey, and Europe. Alshaya is driven by innovation, change and a growth mindset. They operate within multiple sectors such as Fashion, Food, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, Home Furnishings and Leisure & Entertainment, Alshaya Group colleagues are united by a commitment to authentically deliver great customer service and brand experiences.


Alshaya team was in search of talented youngsters to work with their Bath & Body Works brand, one of their signature brands. Bath & Body Works is one of the world’s leading specialty retailers of fragrant products for the body, hands & home. They have been the quality trendsetters of fresh fragrances while offering a luxurious range of scented candles. Over the years they have opened over 1,600 Bath & Body Works retail locations.

The campus hiring was held at Al Zahia Campus for 2 days. Interviews were different from the usual one-on-one interviews; it was done in groups getting students to voice their opinions and showcase why they’re the ideal candidates for the profiles Alshaya was looking for. It was a new and engaging experience for the students, especially in terms of assessing their group dynamics through a corporate team.

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