Westford Bags Mena Award 2022 In The “most Innovative Business Education Provider” Category

Westford Bags Mena Award 2022 In The “most Innovative Business Education Provider” Category

Westford University College is proud to have received the title of “Most Innovative Business Education Provider, MENA 2022 awarded by the prestigious Global Business Magazine.

On this special occasion, Hanil Das, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Westford University College states, “We are proud and thrilled to have received this award for the second consecutive year. We were selected from an extremely competitive group of entrants, all of whom demonstrated exceptional delivery in the evolving education sector.

At Westford, we believe “Our Students are Our Brand” and we dedicate this award to our student fraternity representing more than 130 countries, who are our brand ambassadors working in leading corporations around the world.”

From a business school, a decade ago, Westford has evolved into a full-fledged institution for higher education. It now offers programs ranging from Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor to Master and also Doctorate.

With 10+ UK and Europe-based accredited and recognized partners and a strength of over 10,000 students, Westford has come a long way in its journey as an education provider.

This was a challenging transformation that witnessed a relentless drive to innovate and offer a high-quality and credible student experience. Irrespective of the circumstances presented its way, Westford students have remained at the center of each of its initiatives.

Westford has an instinctive awareness that an effective campus culture is one of the key factors required for the success of any educational institution. It embodies this belief by being inclusive, collaborative, and progressive in its outlook.

At Westford, it is a constant strive to ensure that the students feel included, supported, motivated, and determined to succeed. This award is also a recognition of the tremendous effort of the team at Westford places.

Westford expresses a heartfelt thanks to the students, alumni, and all well-wishers for their confidence in the team.


“Doing an MBA has been my dream of mine for 15 years! After years of searching and pushing myself, I found a university that fit all the right boxes, Westford! I waited no further and straightaway applied for their MBA Program. Even with the pandemic in full swing during the start of my program, we students faced no issues with our lectures or modules. The whole course was set up in a way that made it possible for students to learn from the comfort of their homes while safeguarding their health. Westford winning the Most Innovative Education Provider comes as no surprise to me as I had a fantastic experience at the university. I’ve unlocked new ways of thinking and evolved as a person. If I were to describe my journey at Westford in one word, it would be Phenomenal!”.

Mohammed Emara

Master of Business Administration – Cardiff Metropolitan University


“I’ve been looking to enrol for an MBA for quite some time now, but I was held back by either my work or family. I was still on the lookout expecting my destiny to guide me, and that’s when I came across Westford. The entire team has been very supportive since the initial stages. My major concern was doing an MBA program while being a Senior Demand Generation Professional at an MNC. But, with Westford’s world-class and interactive online classes, it has taken a lead in the innovative learning platform. As I do my last module at Westford, I can confidently say that Westford is the right choice of education for anyone.” 

Tabassum Sadat

Master of Business Administration University of Gloucestershire, UK


“At first, I thought it would be difficult to pursue higher education while working in a demanding profession. However, Westford University College provided me with the opportunity to complete my studies with their best and well-organized educational style, which elevates the educational experience to a new and exciting level.” The appealing and professional environment made learning enjoyable, especially with colleagues and professors. Furthermore, I would want to express my heartfelt gratitude and admiration to Westford’s outstanding instructors and professors, who are committed to developing leaders with high potential.” 

Global Brand Award is the world’s premier business award. The awards were created in 2005 to honour and recognize the achievements and contributions of organizations and working professionals. The event is designed to highlight global brands to global consumers, to enable enterprises to achieve a greater say in international markets, and thus enhance the development of the global industry.

Sittana Juma Droub Banda

MBA, Girne American University - Cyprus

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