Westford Achieves a Huge Milestone

Westford Achieves a Huge Milestone
Celebrates Enrolments of 200 DBA Students in the First Year- 2021

Celebrating the growth in extremely uncertain and pandemic ridden volatile global environment in the last two years highlights a significant achievement on huge and quantum leap into successful enrolment of 200 students in 2021 in Westford’s flagship Professional Doctorate Program in Business Administration (DBA).

The DBA is offered in collaboration with globally recognised and reputed front-ranking, as listed in Times Higher Education Database, European University known as The Catholic University of San Antonio, Murcia (UCAM), Spain.

Despite the uncertainty the global pandemic has brought, it couldn’t mellow the indomitable spirit of Team Westford successfully navigating through the challenges
of uncharted territory by introducing new Doctoral Program in Business Administration in UAE and in the MENA region.

The celebration of this achievement underlines Westford’s leadership ability with agile approach not only to deal with great change or get swayed with uncertainty but
also to show up as leaders in the Higher Education Sector in UAE. The definite growth trends are emerging for the year ahead as the world adapts to a new normal
and welcomes new opportunities defying the negative influence of the twists and turns of the past two years.

At Westford, we firmly believe to put ourselves in constant learning from the emerging dynamics with an open mind to bring creativity and in growth-oriented perspective building. The core area of mental attitude and agile action in Westford comes from understanding the researched fact that our own perspective is a choice,and that many other possible choices exist.

The stupendous success of Westford-UCAM DBA program in just one year is testament to our belief, values, and agile culture. It is redefining the context and value delivery of our program to the students for a sustainable future. The success of our DBA program is a prime example of how we empower and enable aspiring professionals to achieve this coveted qualification while doing research that’s focused on, and beneficial to, their organisations and sectors.

In 2021, Westford achieved many other significant milestones like the launching of Westford Research Journal in digital form. Thus, providing a platform to our researchers, faculties to publish their research articles, reports, mini thesis etc., and entering academic collaborations with Universities and Educational Institutes of repute for augmenting learning and research.

In 2022, It is our pledge to create a sustainable future for all the stakeholders by unlocking the power of perspectives and facing challenges with Clarity. Creativity and Collaboration.


We welcome aspiring management professionals to be a part of this captivating self-discovering rather soul-searching and empowering learning journey with a high degree of transformative professional value. Let’s join in our pledge to take a huge leap towards greater success in 2022.

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