A initiative by Westford to encourage students to adopt the habit reading books. It’s designed to be an interactive session, where a book is introduced and reviewed every other week. In the past months we had 4 such book review sessions, with books from different genre hosted by Leo Obra, Sakeena Mohammad, Zawahir Siddique and Astha Bhandari.

“A very thought provoking and inquisitive We Read 4U session indeed! Quite a scientific viewpoint put across by Leo Obra, Chartered MCIPD, HCS, SPHR, MSHRM, SHRM-SCP in his review of the book 'Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don't Have To'. In the book, the notion of aging being a natural part of life is rejected by the author, and instead is portrayed as a
'disease'. With mentions about genetics and longevity of human life, this book is a must read if you're looking to live a little longer to complete that bucket list of yours! Another book 'The Psycholo­gy of Money', reviewed by Sakeena Mohammad, took a quite different approach in putting across the author's viewpoints. With 19 stories that explore the strange ways people think about money, it sure is a must read if you want to under­stand the relationship of your behavior with money.”.

Rosalyn Flory

BA (Hons) Business with Finance, LJMU

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