WeConnect has been an initiative that has helped Westford University College bridge the gap between students and industry experts, for over four years now. In the past years, Westfordians have had the opportunity to connect with more than twenty industry moguls that have inspired thousands of young minds. One such WeConnect event took place on Westford’s Al Taawun Campus on June 16, 2022. Talking about his journey was Humayun Jameel, the owner of Blue Axis Shipping and Freight. Mr. Jameel, who rose from the ranks of a sales associate to a businessman and is passionate about athletics; enlightened the students by giving them an insight into his world as an entrepreneur and discussed his opinion on subjects such as people-management and time-management, among other topics. He held the young audience’s interest who didn’t hold back on their questions, as they sought to gain a deeper knowledge of his business traits. Students showed keen interest in finding out how Mr. Jameel embarked on his journey as a business owner, what inspires him to maintain an equilibrium between his personal and professional life, his key management tactics, and his advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs. Humayun is the Managing Director at Blue Axis Shipping and Freight LIC in the UAE with a demonstrated history. From being a Salesman to a Manager and eventually starting his own Company, Blue Axis Shipping, and Freight, about 18 years ago, Humayun has had an exceptional journey. He is not an archetypical businessman. Apart from his commitment to the corporate world, he has a strong passion for athletics. He has sailed across the Atlantic, Rowed at World Championships held internationally, climbed mountains as high as 18,000ft, and has completed 37 marathons Humayun Jameel,
Owner of Blue Axis Shipping and Freight

“I was lucky to be a part of an amazing WeConnect session, where I got the oppor­tunity to interview Mr. Humayun. The students and I got an insight into an entre­preneur's journey and experience. I was able to learn the fundamentals of launch­ing a business, avoiding common traps, improving pitching skills, developing a sound business strategy, and positioning oneself for success in a market where failure is a possible outcome. The fact that he does so many other activities other than running his business has motivated me to work on my dreams. As I had been chosen to interview Mr. Jameel alongside a fellow student, I was able to work on my communication skills as well as my profession­alism. I'm grateful for this opportunity.”

Mahdi Toi Mohammad

Higher National Diploma in Business, Pearson UK


“While the WeConnect session with Mr. Jameel was exceptional, the highlight of my day remains to be the opportunity I got to interview him one-on-one. There was so much to learn and absorb from his experiences. Even though I had prepared my questions for the interview round well in advance, when the interview commenced, more than a Q&A session, it became a conversational piece. I couldn't hold back from asking the questions that I hadn't even prepared to ask. Mr. Jameel had so much wisdom to share about starting up a business, managing it on a day-to-day basis, moving from the role of an employee to the role of an entrepreneur, as well as leading by example for his employees by attaining a work-life balance. At the end of the interview, he told a fellow student and I that he believes we're "going to be successful", and his words have motivated me to do better and give my best in every arena of my life.”.

Birva Bhatt

BA (Hons) Business with Marketing, LJMU

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