WeConnect with Business Leaders Mr. Ruban Shanmugarajah

WeConnect with Business Leaders
Mr. Ruban Shanmugarajah

Leadership Principles
"Westford hosted a WeConnect session with prominent business leader Mr. Ruban Shanmugarajah, CEO of Babyshop, Landmark Group. The sessions are great for students to connect with & learn from the real life experiences of these leaders who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel after a lot of hard work & resilience. Making the right decision towards success was the focus of the session. Mr. Shanmugarajah spoke to the students about making smart selections and ensuring they're where they're meant to be. He explained the importance of being open to change and remaining resilient through difficult times."

Mr. Ruban Shanmugarajah

CEO, Babyshop, Landmark Group

“I'm approaching the end of my Westford journey and it's been a year of change. There was a lot to do, but I wanted to get to the famous Weconnect session. In the end, on the 31st of March, Rosalyn Flory and I got to host the Weconnect session with Ruban Shanmugarajah, the CEO of Babyshop. Just give me a second to process that!!
It's true that his title may seem daunting or like a mountain to climb, but in reality, I felt at ease because Mr Ruban was approachable and friendly and students were willing to learn from him. His past experiences and life journey offered a lot of insight into leadership, hard work, motivation and passion, and in general, how we should approach life both professionally and personally.
The biggest takeaway for me was how he stressed the importance of mentorship. Westford pushed us to do the mentorship program, and as a participant, I'm glad I heard how much we can benefit from having someone to guide us. Also, as someone who loves extracurricular activities but sometimes doubts whether they make a difference beyond the classroom, listening to him talk about how organizations look at those skills closely did inspire me and hopefully the rest of the auditorium to get involved and take advantage of the opportunities Westford provides. So, I can say with great pride, I did it! It was a WeConnect session with someone I felt was right for the students and me to learn from. I've never got tired of researching, preparing myself, and going up on stage, and I have to thank Westford for this amazing opportunity.”

David Issac

BA (Hons) Business with international business Management, LJMU

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