We Connect With World-renowned Fashion Designer Ezra Santos

We Connect With World-renowned Fashion Designer Ezra Santos
‘Bridging the past, present, and future through couture masterpieces’
A special WeConnect Session by the world-renowned Dubai based fashion Designer Mr. Ezra. Santos was organized for Westford’s Art & Design students. EZRA effectively bridges the past, present and the future with his compendium of masterpieces cut along essential lines and shapes that reflects a timeless charm and truly in praise of a timeless style. He adroitly defines and draws attention to feminine silhouettes and allure, sublimated with calculative adornments that are reflective of a perfect fusion of minimalism and opulence.

This approach has, over the years, won him the patronage and undying loyalty of impressive lists of clienteles that includes members of Arab and European royalties and equally discerning women of repute and opulence.
Ezra Santos, the Filipino designer behind EZRA, has been in the fashion industry for more than two decades. His creations are conversation pieces among the fashionistas in the region as he consistently enthralls with masterpieces that are timeless and exquisite in its attention to details. And it’s noteworthy that EZRA is just beginning to spread its wings in stamping its name in the international fashion arena.


With Ezra’s experiences and tedious process of creating amazing bridal and couture pieces, students were able to witness how his creative team was able to produce world class garments and designs. During his interview students were able to ask him various questions that helped them visualize the future of fashion for their benefits.

To top it all, Ezra was able to share his creative journey being a successful designer and a business owner that encourages the students to pursue their dreams in the fashion industry.

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