University Virtual Tour

University Virtual Tour

Choosing a university for admission is a difficult task, and research should always be done before making a final decision about where to apply. Quite often, you will have a number of
universities around you to choose from, but the key question is which one is right for you or that fits well with your needs. Open days can be quite helpful in helping you select the right program.

We at Westford understand the concerns students may have when choosing a postgraduate program, which is why we provide you with a platform to directly address all the queries associated with the various programs we offer from global universities.


Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and Westford University College had scheduled an open day for the MBA International Program on the 14th of January 2022. The CCCU Director of Partnerships, Dr Lorna Thomas, spoke with the students about the university, its rich education legacy, its teaching practices, its programs, and their interests, as well as the
resources it offers.

Chima Franklin Nzeakor, an MBA International student, shared his experiences and personal journey from being a science student to a professional in business
management, which influenced the students’ expectations for the program.

The MBA International offers 180 credits over a year and has 3 intakes per year ( Jan, May, and Sep).The program is carefully designed to ensure learners gain an international perspective and can apply their knowledge and skills regardless of where they live. For more information on HND Level 5 (Business) and CCCU programs please email
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