The Triumph of Talent Westford Gavels Club’s Stellar Performance at Group-Level Debate Contest

The Triumph of Talent Westford Gavels Club's Stellar Performance at Group-Level Debate Contest

In a remarkable showcase of wit, eloquence, and formidable debating prowess, the Westford Gavels Club secured second place in a fiercely competitive Group Level Debate Contest. The event featured participation from eight prominent clubs, all in pursuit of the prestigious title. Amidst this intense competition, the dynamic trio of Jack Joy, Vishesh Shukla, and Sujeet Srinivasan represented the Westford Gavels Club and demonstrated their outstanding capabilities, establishing themselves as a formidable presence in the competition.


During the preliminary round, the Gavliers engaged in a passionate debate on the suitability of virtual learning for young children. Their well-founded arguments and powerful presentation not only made a strong impact on the judges but also garnered recognition for the trio’s collective efforts, ultimately leading to their victory in this category.
Advancing to the semi-finals, the competition’s focus shifted to the urgent concern of Global Warming. In this round, the Westford Gavels Club once more exhibited their exceptional skills in presenting compelling arguments, effectively advocating for immediate action against climate change, thereby emphasizing their commitment to this critical issue.

Reaching the climax of the competition, the final round centred on the significance of History and Mathematics as essential subjects for learning. The Gavliers’ mastery of the subject matter and their talent for articulating compelling arguments were truly praiseworthy. Their thought-provoking viewpoints left the audience in admiration, captivating them with their insightful perspectives.

The judging criteria, which included Speech Development, Value to the Audience, Effectiveness, Voice, Manner, and Grammar, stood as a testament to the Gavliers’ comprehensive preparation and exceptional execution. Each team member showcased outstanding skills, contributing significantly to the club’s overall success.

A particularly prideful moment was when Sujeet Srinivasan earned the title of Best Speaker. His exceptional oratory skills and insightful contributions received well-deserved recognition from the judges, underscoring his commitment and talent in the field of debate.
The Westford Gavels Club’s remarkable journey in this competition is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of excellence. Their performance not only exemplifies the club’s dedication to nurturing exceptional debaters but also to fostering critical thinking abilities in individuals.
We offer our heartfelt congratulations to Jack Joy, Vishesh Shukla, and Sujeet Srinivasan for their stellar performance. Their triumph stands as an inspiration to all club members, a testament to what can be achieved through hard work, collaboration, and an unwavering passion for the art of debate. We eagerly anticipate their continued success in future endeavors. 

Joining the Westford Gavels Club was transformative experience, immersing me in a passionate community of like-minded individuals. It improved my public speaking, debate, and life skills. Club meetings fostered lasting friendships and personal growth, from shyness to seeking speaking opportunities. Event participation boosted my confidence and pride in representing the club. This experience provided invaluable skills, lifelong friendships, and newfound self-assurance. It's not just a club; it's a home where I found my voice, purpose, and a community valuing the impact of effective communication. 

Jack Joy

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