Taking the Lead: Westford’s Gaveliers Receive Badges of Honor at ExCom Badging Ceremony

Taking the Lead: Westford's Gaveliers Receive Badges of Honor at ExCom Badging Ceremony

Westford University College recently celebrated a momentous occasion – the first-ever ExCom badging ceremony at The Westford Gavels Club.

The ceremony was a remarkable milestone for the Gaveliers, who have been diligently honing their communication and leadership skills, and a proud moment for the entire Westford community.


The ExCom badging ceremony was held on March 11th at the Westford campus, with members of the faculty and staff in attendance to support and congratulate the Gaveliers.


The ceremony saw the students receive badges that symbolized their positions within the club’s Executive Committee, recognizing their contributions and leadership within the club.

The ExCom badging ceremony was a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Gaveliers members, who have worked tirelessly to improve their communication and leadership skills.


The ceremony served as a reminder of the Westford’s unwavering commitment to providing its students with the resources and tools they need to succeed, both academically and professionally.

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