Save Scrap and Sew With Dr. Shambavi Rajgopal

Save Scrap and Sew With Dr. Shambavi Rajgopal

“Meeting great personalities who do some­ thing simple but makes a significant difference in our world is one of the mazing benefits of being a fashion student. Dr. Shambavi Ramanan Rajagopal,the founder of the beautiful and sustainable community "Save Scrap & Sew", is one such personality.

I must say that it was a fantastic session that made us realize how much fabric-waste the fashion industry generates daily. She had asked students to gather as many scrap fabrics as they could and stitch them togeth­er to make a tote bag, purse, or blanket. The best part about making these blankets and quilts was that they didn't require any creativity or creative people because mixing different scrap fabrics has its own beauty. The blankets were made in two layers, with one side looking different from the other. It was an honour to meet her and learn how a simple hobby can grow into a community dedicated solely to a good cause. Save, Scrap and Sew is a non-profit organization that anyone who wants to join can do so. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Shambavi; her hobby of saving scraps and creating something
beautiful from them taught me that even waste can be beautiful. I'd like to thank Westford University for introducing us to such an amazing person who quickly became our friend!”.

Amena Mustafa

Higher National Diploma in Art and Design (Fashion) Pearson, UK

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