Rendezvous 2022

Rendezvous 2022
An Event That Brought Westfordians Together!

“Time, effort, sacrifice, and sweat. That is how you pay for your goals!”– Usain Bolt

WUC’s Rendezvous is a week-long festival in which all Westford students join together to compete to win the house cup in a week-long festival that tests not only their physical but their mental strength and abilities. Our four houses, Alpha Centauri, Beta Aquilae, Gamma Draconis, & Delta Scorpii, were introduced, and each house formed a team to participate in various sports.

Teams competed in:


Cricket, Basketball, Badminton
Volleyball, Throwball, Athletics (100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m)

Over 50 matches were played over 4 days, with the finals for all the categories played on the final day of the tournament. Our in-house band provided good beats throughout the day, and some outstanding performances from the dance club kept the crowd pumped. There were food stalls at the event, serving lip-smacking dishes & refreshing drinks to keep people energized. More than 300 students attended the event, the first of its kind for Westford University College.


Students represented their respective clubs with pride, playing multiple sports to earn maximum points with the goal of winning the house cup in 2022. It was a nail-biting finish for football & basketball boys as the finals went down to the wire. In addition to the boys, there were many girls who put everything aside to participate and win laurels. A special mention goes to the Westford Music Band who put on stunning performances. The dancers were incredible! A highlight of the closing ceremony was the Fashion Show, where students showed off their
mind-blowing designs.

 Mr. Hanil Das, the Executive Director of Westford University College and Mr. Zawahir Siddiqui, the Head of Blended Learning presented the trophies to the winners. As our sponsors, Romana Water ensured we stayed hydrated throughout the day and Al Noor Polyclinic provided first aid to those injured during the games. Lastly,a huge thank you to Westford Sports, whose entire staff ensured that the matches were run smoothly and fairly, in the presence of experienced referees.


 Delta Club was the winner of the house cup this year, followed by Beta Club in 2nd, Gamma Club in 3rd and Alpha Club in 4th. Their points margins were a mere 2 – 3 points, which made for a thrilling contest and an exciting watch. Among those who received special awards were those who showcased top performances that helped their respective teams lift championship trophies; Player of the Tournament, maximum scorers were some of those who were applauded by the audience. All of our students showed exemplary sportsmanship and played in the spirit of the game. Westford faculty and staff left no stone unturned to make this a memorable event! Thank you! This event will be held annually, to highlight and promote the untapped talents of

The ‘Westford Music Club’ participated in Westford’s first-ever Rendezvous event on the 5th of February, where it showcased an array of talents. Furthermore, this was also the first time that brand- new members were introduced, adding to the memorability of the day. It was an evening filled with entertaining performances that had the crowd on their feet. From our friends and faculty, we received immense appreciation and love, leaving a lasting impression on our minds. What an incredible experience!

Sayada Mehnaaz
BA (HONS) Business with International Business Management, LJMU

Rendezvous was a great experience with our dance being the most anticipated event of the evening. The dance team participated in all the sporting events and although they were exhausted and injured, they gave their best. All in all, the event was a great success. All the experiences and challenges we faced, strengthened our bond with each other. It was one of the best memories we made. The biggest challenge was getting people together to practice and maintain the Covid protocols. But as we all know, where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you, Westford, for such a wonderful experience.

Muhammad Nazim
B.Sc in Business Management, CCCU

Westford rendezvous was an amazing event. Sporting events such as these, gives students not only sporting experience but life lessons of respect and pride. Apart from the book concepts that we discuss in class, these are important events that add to our overall university experience. Westford never fails in providing the best for their students, we feel truly at home!

Ismail Tajoon
BA (Hons) in Sports Business, LJMU

My experience in Participating at Westford Rendezvous and being a member of the organizing team was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It allowed me to meet students I would not have met otherwise, particularly in other classes. It has also given me the opportunity to take a more active position on campus, and serving as a student leader has gave me leadership and professional skills that will benefit me even after I graduate. The sports event was not only having sports on that day but it was a mixture of a sporting & cultural fest. Thank you, WUC, for putting up a fantastic Westford Rendezvous.

HND Art & Design (Fashion)

Seeing our designs come to life at the Rendezvous is a memory I will cherish forever. We gained a lot of experience and knowledge in terms of designing for the retro theme! Thank you, Westford University College for organizing events with such great opportunities to showcase our skills.

HND Art & Design (Fashion))

We as fashion students and designers were extremely overwhelmed and excited preparing for the Rendezvous Fashion Show. The designers got the chance to set the ramp on fire with retro influences. The hustle of designing, styling, music, model casting, and makeup provided us with a rare opportunity to work with creative students and gave us insight into the fashion industry. It was a pleasure to be a part of the Westford Rendezvous and we look forward to more upcoming and exciting events!

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