Poster Making Competition

Poster Making Competition

“Hello Westford, did you all remember the Culture and Diversity poster-making contest we had on
the 11th of June? Well, if you don't then here is your recap. When we talk about culture and
diversity, everyone has their perspective, and having such a platform was a great way to understand the topic at hand. That was the whole purpose of the event and there was such a positive response from the students. Over 30 of them had come on board to participate, and that shows the
enthusiasm of our university, everyone does want to make a change.
Another milestone we have to celebrate is the number of new faces we had participating in the
competition. That for me, was the best part of the event, seeing all the students from both campuses come together and celebrate the topic, with their ideas and understand why this is such an important subject. Moreover, we were also learning to work as a team, interacting with all the
students and collectively working hard to present the best representation of what culture and
diversity mean to you, the individual, All I can say is, Thank you Westford, for hosting such an event.
All the faculty, professors, and students, I can say that together we are all ready to make a change
and this event was just the start of us impacting together”.

David Isaac

BA (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LJMU


“I participated with no intention of winning, but rather to be a part of this excellent cause. Our
poster depicted a diverse range of ethnicities and skin colors, as well as the fact that everyone on
this planet is equal. We cooperated and showed our creativity in our posters, which was an
incredible experience. Winning 2nd runners up was a bonus, but I believe all of the competitors won
because they all understood the assignment and performed admirably."”.

Emaan Sajjad

BSc (Hons) in Business Management (CCCU)


“Although I have never been much of an artist when the Poster Making Competition 2022 was
announced by Westford University College, I merely registered with my team. With more than 10+
teams registered with us, it was an extremely competitive and challenging experience. We created a beautiful poster in less than 3 hours, and to say it was successful would be an understate­ment since we won first place. Thank you, Westford University College, for always providing us with such great opportunities”.

Arsheen Arkati

BA (Hons) Business with Finance, LJMU


“On the topic of Gulture and Diversity, the poster competition not just inspired us but also aspired for the greater good. Leaving with the beautiful motto of diversity and inclusivity, we worked as a team and learned many attributes in the process to be better individuals. Westford holding up such an amazingly innovative and beautiful event has been a tremendous opportunity to showcase our imaginative visuals on a piece of a blank canvas. All the participants and team members coming tomorrow and working towards such creative visuals was a beautys sight to watch”.

Mohammed Taif

BA (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LIMU


“The competition was an exciting challenge that tested all of our skills and made us combine all our efforts as a team. It was interesting seeing each of our members contribute in their way. They were all so hardworking and talented. Everyone was an essential part of the team, and without one, the result would have been majorly different.”


BA (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LIMU


“Participating in the poster-making competition was a brilliant and informative experience. We as a team were able to pitch in and contribute to the best of our creative abilities. Supporting our team members up to the very end of the competi­tion to bring our ideas to life was the reason for our
success. We learned to respect and value everyone's perspective on culture and diversity with a
broad mind.”

Disha Joby

BA (Hons) Business with Marketing, LJMU

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