Research Boot Camp

On July 15th, 2023, at the Al Zahia Campus, Westford University College conducted a research bootcamp specifically for Abertay University MBA students. The primary objective of this boot camp was to empower the students and help them unlock their research capabilities. The event comprised of four informative sessions that focused on different facets of research 

During the inaugural session, called “Empowering Innovators: Unleashing Research Potential in your Company,” led by Dr. Renaldo De Jager, the significance of research in the advancement and prosperity of businesses was the central focus. The presentation highlighted the valuable contributions of research in offering valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making, and ultimately driving growth. The session underscored the importance of adopting a research-oriented approach to encourage innovation and maintain a competitive edge in today’s challenging business environment. Furthermore, various research methodologies were explored, with an emphasis on their efficient application to achieve success in business endeavours.


In the following session, titled “Identifying Research Gap as Applied in Industry,” presented by our DBA student, Ms. Marianna Missakian, the focus was on the process of recognizing research gaps within specific industries. The session emphasized the importance of conducting comprehensive research to pinpoint areas where existing knowledge or solutions are lacking. Participants were enlightened on the techniques to identify these gaps and how to leverage them as potential avenues for further investigation. To reinforce the concepts, the session incorporated real-life case studies and examples, illustrating how the identification of research gaps can pave the way for groundbreaking innovations and a competitive edge in the business world. 

The third session of the Boot Camp centered on the vital theme of Leadership and Team Building, recognizing its significance in achieving organizational success. Titled “Leadership & Team Building Activity,” the session was led by Prof. Zawahir Siddique and Prof. Alan Lukose. The session was designed to be engaging and enjoyable, aiming to elevate participants’ leadership abilities and promote teamwork. Through a series of interactive activities and group exercises, participants gained insights into effective leadership strategies and the crucial role of fostering cohesive and robust teams. By actively participating in these activities, attendees learned practical approaches to leadership and team dynamics, which can be applied in real-world business scenarios. The session facilitated a valuable learning experience, emphasizing the importance of strong leadership and teamwork for the growth and prosperity of any organization.

The concluding session of the Boot Camp, titled “Case Study-based research design,” was presented by Dr Bindu Nair. This session offered participants a hands-on and applicable comprehension of designing and executing research using case studies. Case studies hold significant importance as a research method in the fields of business and management, enabling a comprehensive analysis of specific phenomena or issues. During the session, attendees were introduced to various types of case studies, data collection methods, and analysis techniques. They were familiarized with the practical aspects of conducting case study research, gaining valuable insights into its implementation. Additionally, the session highlighted the ethical considerations and challenges inherent in case study research, underscoring the need for responsible and conscientious research practices. Mr. Binu Shaji, an accomplished MBA graduate from Abertay University, was also invited to share his research journey with the participants.

The Research Boot Camp proved to be an immensely enriching and advantageous experience for all the participants involved. Through its four comprehensive sessions, the Boot Camp covered a diverse array of topics, spanning from the significance of research in the corporate landscape to hands-on research methodologies and crucial leadership competencies. The attendees emerged with a profound insight into how research can be a powerful driver of innovation and play a pivotal role in fostering the prosperity of their respective companies. Overall, the Boot Camp left a lasting impression, equipping the participants with valuable knowledge and skills to excel in their professional pursuits. 

The bootcamp was designed in a way that made the whole learning process enjoyable and easy to grasp. Thanks Westford 

Paschal Tembon

Account Executive Territory Manager, FedEx Express,Cameroon

I learnt so much about making sound decisions with strategies, and it has been a good experience. I am happy that I got to be a part of this program and look forward to many more in the future!

Anna Katrina Agtang

Billing Specialist, FTI Consulting Philippines

I understood the varying mix of management and how to implement management strategies in our core businesses. Overall, it has been an eventful journey and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope that as we progress on forward with this journey it would open my eyes to more global concepts of supply chain so I can apply them to my daily work activities.

Ogheneruemu Kingsley Dafe

Material Resource Planner, MTN Nigeria, Nigeria

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