Let Comfort Calm Your Soul

Let Comfort Calm Your Soul

On the 20th of January 2023, our bachelor students had yet another impactful toastmaster meeting revolving around the theme “Comfort: the calmness of the soul”. TM Ameera was the TMOD of the session and spoke about what it takes to have a calm mind and comfortable life. What comes to mind when we hear the word “comfort”? relaxation, serenity, or perhaps a safe space? When prompted with the question, “What does comfort mean to you, and where do you find it?” the audience provided a plethora of responses ranging from materialistic preferences and possessions such as food, clothes, and electronic devices to emotional connections and attachments such as their family, friends, and musicians. I, too, chimed in to mention that cake, family, and my cats provide me with comfort! By stepping into this bubble of tranquility, comfort, we can validate our feelings and appreciate our existence just by giving ourselves that much-needed break.

As TMOD I had a mission, which was to lead my audience through a retrospective journey where they would be able to identify the significance of comfort as well as apply it to their lives by pressing that pause button. It is our personal experiences and preferences that lead to such meaningful & emotional attachments. With the commencement of the project speeches, TM Hannah led us into another lane of our retrospective journey, by speaking about a recurring question, “Are we living or just existing?” She made us realize that living means gaining happiness from humble beginnings and attaining satisfaction along with detaching ourselves from regret. Likewise, TM David played a memorable role during this meeting. As the table topics master, his essence lay in allowing new members and guests to step outside of their comfort zone and pursue their passion with confidence. Each individual shared personal anecdotes and relived old but unforgettable memories. This is the significance of our Toastmasters club!

Since every beginning has an end, the meeting eventually neared its conclusion. However, with an interactive session! I arranged an activity in which we were to make origami crowns. This was to form a personal bond with ourselves, to be our source of comfort, and to reward ourselves for our routine e­fforts. As usual, the meeting ended with new wins, new experiences, and resonating applause with me, the TMOD, signing o­ff


Ameera Adil

BSc (Hons) in Business with Digital Marketing – LJMU

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