La Reconnaissance 2021

La Reconnaissance 2021

On 19th December 2021, the grand annual event- La Reconnaissance- kicked off virtually to celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of Westfordians for the year 2021. The host Ms. Charvi Bhatt opened the event at 6 pm with a promo video and welcomed all participants, well-wishers, guests, and students across other


An e-copy of the certificate was given to the awardees through email which was seen being shared across social media platforms. The highlight on portfolios and award categories were announced by Charvi followed by the announcements of awards by Dr. Mohamed Ashmel for the Higher National Diploma Online Batch.


In the academic category, the “Best Research Project” awards went to Jamie Noella Gonsalves, Sayeema Kaunain, and Aleksandra Jagoda Lakomiec; followed by “Best Performer Award” to Puran Gurung; and “Exemplary Presenter Award” to Sarah Saad, Mehdi Zia, and Marwan Abdulhalim.


In the non-academic category, “Outstanding Collaborator Awards” went to Amna Nadeem, Guzal Mukhtaramin, Francesca Fausciana, Pedro Henrique Andrade Dos Santos, Lester Gomes, and Puran Gurung.The “Westford Online Ambassador Award” went to Ben Heng, Larissa Sheppard, and John Conrad Agnello DSouza

The next category of awards for the students of MBA pathways (EDSML-Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and SQA-Scottish Qualification Authority) was announced by Zawahir Siddique.


In the academic category, the “Best Performer” awards for EDSML students went to Samiya Rifat Saeed, Gary Anthony Hewitt, and Jerry Mathew; followed by the awards in the non-academic category for “Westford Online Ambassador” award that went to Jasem Moh’d Hijazi, Ishaq Zaiton and Abdul Hameed Badrudeen.


In the academic category, the “Best Performer” awards for SQA students went to Gaurav Jaggi, Andrew James Hall, and Mohd Elsayed Ali. A very special “Inspiring Couple” award was given to Malak Hankir and Asad Al Saleh. The non-academic awards in the “Westford Online Ambassador” category for SQA students went to Sachin Acharya, Megha Rajasekhran, and AlAshraf Abdallah Badie Mohd. Gendi.


The next category of awards for the students of MBA was announced by Ms. Astha Bhandari.


In the academic category, the “Exemplary Presenter” award for MBA-GAU students went to Taurayi Loverose Gwande and Sanjiev Sockalingampillai; followed by non-academic category awards for “Outstanding Collaborator” to Sanjiev Sockalingampillai and Taurayi Loverose Gwande, and the “Westford Online Ambassador” award going to Taurayi Loverose Gwande and Grace Olamide Adeyemo.


The final category of awards for the evening was announced by Dr. Arpita for the MBA students of UCAM.

In the academic category, the “Best Dissertation” awards went to Zorana Stranzinger, Hareem Nasir, and Dr. Wail Abdelhamid Mahmoud Noureldhin; followed by the “Best Performer Award” going to Tarek El Attar, Daniel Frimpong, and Hanny Tjai.


The “Exemplary Presenter” award went to Sam Sameer Ateei Amory, Kakkassery Hamza Taruqali, Kaluhath Chalana Chamupathi De Abrew Abeysinghe, Dominique Masiraha, and Sithulisiwe Pekema; followed by the “Global Student of the Year” award going to Youssef Dahbani, Nils Marcel Tadorian, Cyriaco Cajeyan Francis Fernandes and Zainab Sayed Imran.


In the Non-Academic Category, the “Outstanding Collaborator” award went to Dileeban Rajaratnam, Siva Punisamy, Aikaterini Efstathiou, Tin Myo Oo, and Alma Guarde Sanggo; followed by the “Westford Online Ambassador” award going to Larissa Sheppard, Ben Heng, Lynette Lobo, and John Conrad Agnello D Souza.


A very special category of the “Star Siblings” award went to Hareem Nasir and Asima Nasir.


The event closed with huge applauds and celebrations at 8.00 PM.

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