The atmosphere was charged with excitement and anticipation on the evening of September 28th, as the Excom Badging Ceremony unfolded in all its glory. As the host for this prestigious event, I had the privilege of witnessing a truly remarkable celebration of achievement and dedication. In this article, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the entire Excom team and share my reflections on this memorable occasion.

First and foremost, I must express my gratitude to the entire team for entrusting my co-host and me with the responsibility of hosting the Excom Badging Ceremony. It was an honor and a privilege to play a part in this significant event, one that recognized the outstanding contributions of the Excom members.The ceremony itself was a masterclass in organization and execution. It unfolded seamlessly, with my co-host and me introducing each Excom member in a unique and surprising manner. These captivating introductions added an element of excitement and anticipation to the proceedings, setting the tone for the evening's festivities. As we unveiled the accomplishments and qualities of each member, the audience couldn't help but be inspired by the wealth of talent and dedication within the Excom team.

Kavisha Sathsarane Perera

BSc (Hons) Business with Finance – LJMU

One of the highlights of the evening was the series of motivational speeches delivered by the honored members. Each speech was a testament to their commitment, passion, and unwavering dedication to their roles. The words spoken on that stage resonated deeply with everyone in attendance and left a lasting impression. The Excom team’s ability to articulate their vision and inspire others was truly commendable.


As the ceremony reached its crescendo, there was a sense of unity and pride among the Excom members. The symbolic act of badging marked the official recognition of their achievements and responsibilities. It was a moment of great significance and served as a reminder of the high standards and expectations associated with their roles.


The evening concluded with a delightful capture of photographs, freezing in time the smiles, camaraderie, and shared pride of the Excom team. These pictures will undoubtedly serve as cherished memories, reminding everyone of the bonds forged during this celebration of excellence.


As we move forward, I extend my best wishes to the Excom team for the journey ahead. Your dedication and hard work have already led to remarkable achievements, and I have no doubt that the future holds even greater promise. The Excom Badging Ceremony was a testament to the extraordinary talent and commitment within your ranks, and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of it.

The day we all were excitedly waiting for arrived on 28th September; the Excom Induction Ceremony! Loads of proud smiles with hues of excitement were present on the faces of the newly elected leaders.


Our badges of honour were presented eloquently by our lovely hosts who surprised us with mini introductory lines for each member, all thanks to our president! Moreover, we were surprised with our own very personalised name slates by our mentor, Mr. Sahar Salim.


With acceptance speeches given by each of us, reminiscing our journey's of success, the room resonated with ecstatic cheers! Heartfelt gratitude to the university for trusting us with this milestone and opportunities presented. 


Ameera Adil

BSc (Hons) Business with International Business Management - LJMU

Being the President of the Westford Toastmasters Club is a dream come true. It still feels surreal to think that I now hold this position. The badging ceremony, which was the culmination of weeks of planning, finally came to life, and it was a lively, fun, and heartwarming session. Every member of the Executive Committee delivered their lovely speeches, and Mr. Zawahir's comments touched my heart deeply. Giant thank you to the mentors and the past excom who made it all possible! I am committed to continuously striving for positive changes and ensuring that our Toastmasters club remains like a second family to all its members. 

Reyha Rao

BSc (Hons) Business with Finance – LJMU

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