Intra – University Football Tournament

Intra - University Football Tournament

On 7th July 2022, we witnessed some of the most exciting moments in the very first inter-house 3×3 football tournament. Two teams from each house (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, & Delta) and a knockout format got the players pushing their limits. A rolling trophy which will be circulated in this annual
event has promised to be a stunner every season. With the university team getting all geared up for
the new academic year; the Westfordians got their shot at the best of testing their decision-making
& teamwork skills. The tournament was held at our brand new Al Zahia sports arena, with music to
keep the crowd on their toes, it was a day to be cherished for a long time.

The semi-finals were played between Alpha A vs Gamma A & Beta A vs Alpha B, their respective scores as below:

Alpha A Vs. Gamma A: 5 – 1
The Alpha A team steering their way through into the finals, Gamma even with a tough attack was unable to break the Alpha master class defense.

Beta A Vs. Alpha B: 5 – 3
With Beta A cruising into the final, the other 2 teams would battle it out for the 3rd place.

The third place game between Gamma A & Alpha B was no less than a nail-biting finish. Gamma A won the bronze medal in a tight finish of 4 – 3. The final was a simple one-sided game between Alpha A vs Beta A: where the Alpha A’s truly stole the show in taking away the winning trophy with a winning score of 10– 0. Their star player Aniket Shahani (HND sports student) was given the “Player of the Tournament” award for scoring 8+ goals throughout the competition, 6 of which were scored in the final.


The football 3x3 tournament was quite the competition. It's great to see many talents coming together and expressing their abilities on the pitch. Captaining the Gamma team was very interesting. It gave me the opportunity to get closer to a lot of players and the management, and it helped me in learning more about myself. The event was well organized and entertaining. Hoping for more events as such in the future.

Sehal Shamsuddin

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business Management, LJMU


On 7th July the 3x3 football tournament was hosted in the Zahia Campus, where I was lucky enough to be the captain of the Alpha A team, and overall, it was an amazing experience, as it allowed each player to have more opportunities with the ball at their feet, which helps them develop their technical abilities as well as enhance their decision-making attributes. Furthermore, with the help of my teammates Fahad, Denzil, Aniket, and Sadique, we were able to make it to the final and proceed to win it against Beta, in what was a very eventful and one-sided final, and it showed just how dedicated our players were and hopefully we have similar outcomes in upcoming tournaments.

Mahdi Toi Mohammad

HND in Business Management, Pearson, UK

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