Emirates Environmental Group (Eeg) Panel Discussion

Emirates Environmental Group (Eeg) Panel Discussion

On the 22nd of August, we were part of a panel discussion hosted by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG). The session was regarding their recent acceptance as a fully-fledged member of the World Packaging organization. With the topic being, “Taking Packaging, Full Circle”, the six student council members, David Isaac, Ariba Abdul, Sayada Mehnaaz, Sahil Dewani, Abdul Muhsin, and Mohammed Hisham, got to be a part of the event and engage with the experienced panel of speakers.

Given that the changes we take moving forward will define how our future will look, it was impressive to learn about the concept of circularity and how it will help in establishing more sustainable practices at the workplace, university, and even at home. With talented speakers such as Miss Nerida Kelton, Miss Samah Mohammed Al Hajeri, Mr. Jamil Haddad, Mr. Santosh Kumar, and Mr. Abdul Rasheed, the atmosphere in the room, turned from being one of curiosity to that of people wanting to make a difference. There were journalists of famous publications present, industry experts, fellow students from other universities, and of course, the proud Westfordians that always want to make a difference, not only for themselves but the entire student council body.

Two key topics of discussion brought up during the Q&A session were, “How and when can the practice of circularity be implemented within major organizations?” and “The aspect of the circular economy that the youth can be a part of when it is set in motion?”. Such topics are the reason that EEG can be considered as one of the standards for sustainability and environmental preservation and protection. As a Westfordian, who has participated in almost 4 EEG events, they always continue to inspire young people like myself to make a difference and be the leader that looks out not only for my benefit but for the overall community. Thank you, Westford University College and Habiba Al Marashi for this opportunity and to be part of this discussion that empowers us to make a difference.

David Isaac

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business – LJMU


Saving the environment is the need of the hour and it has been this way for some time now. Even in such circumstances where we need to take an effective step towards protecting the environment, we choose to ignore such problems. The EEG panel discussion was the perfect opportunity for youngsters like us to become more aware of such happenings around the world. It was an eye-opening day thanks to the highly enthusiastic and inspiring panel of speakers, that shed light on the topic of sustainability. I would like to thank Westford University College and EEG for giving us students this opportunity to become active participants in spreading awareness and getting to know the importance of being part of the change.

Ariba Abdul

BSc (Hons) in Business Management, CCCU


The EEG panel discussion held at the Sheraton hotel was very insightful, we learned so much about packaging and food waste. The experienced panelists walked us through the importance of sustainability and why it is the need for the hour. We also got to know a lot about the business aspects of sustainable products and how packaging could increase the shelf life of a product. I can't thank Westford enough for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this event and connect with so many influential people.

Sahil Dewani

BA (Hons) in Business with Finance - LJMU

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