Capturing Cinematic Portraits


A learning experience for Media Students

On January 13, 2024, Media students eagerly participated in Nikon School’s Videography workshop focused on Capturing Cinematic Portraits, hosted at Rove City Center. Led by the esteemed speaker, Ms. Suzette Peachie, the event delved into the intricate techniques essential for capturing cinematic framing and portraiture shots.

Throughout the session, attendees found themselves immersed in an informative journey, gaining insights into the nuances of cinematic composition. Hands-on experience was paramount, with students gaining practical familiarity with Nikon’s cutting-edge mirrorless cameras. As part of the workshop’s practical segment, some students even took center stage, serving as models for their peers. 

The workshop wasn’t just about theory; it provided a platform for students to apply learned techniques firsthand. From mastering various framing techniques to experimenting with camera angles and movements, participants honed their skills under Ms. Peachie’s guidance.

Moreover, the event served as a networking hub, fostering connections between students and seasoned industry professionals. Through Nikon’s extensive network and collaboration with other professionals in photography, cinematography, and media production, attendees gained invaluable insights and potential opportunities for future collaborations.

Looking ahead, Nikon aims to expand its workshop offerings, not only at external venues but also through partnerships with esteemed institutions like Westford University. By extending these opportunities to students, faculty, and staff, Nikon endeavors to nurture a vibrant community passionate about visual storytelling and innovation. 

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