Business Brilliance

Business Brilliance

Triumphs in The Curtin- Business Cup Challenge 2024

In a compelling showcase of talent and innovation, our students once again demonstrated their excellence at the prestigious Business Cup Challenge (BCC) 2024.  Setting new benchmarks, all four teams representing Westford University College not only secured a place in the Top 10 but achieved an unprecedented feat with two teams claiming the first and second positions, respectively.

The first place-winning team, composed of Sahil Dewani, Reyha Rao, Rosalyn Flory, Sumaita Chowdhury, and Saad Shahid, exhibited exceptional adroitness in their understanding of nanotechnology’s business applications. Following closely, the second-place team, consisting of Ayaat Sheikh, Kavisha Perara, Gurpreet Kaur, Ariba Abdul, Muhammed Khubaib, Saif Jasim, and Nandu Sreelal, showcased remarkable skills and dedication.

The triumph of Westford University College’s teams in the Business Cup Challenge 2024 extended beyond the accolades of medals and certificates. The victorious teams, having secured the first and second positions, were accorded special recognition for their outstanding achievements.

In a heartfelt gesture, Mr. Hanil Haridas, the CEO of Westford University College, went above and beyond by presenting the winning teams with not only certificates of Appreciation but also meaningful tokens of recognition. This additional acknowledgment served to highlight the exceptional efforts and dedication demonstrated by the students as they navigated the challenges of the competition and showcased their skills.

Additionally, the leadership team from Curtin University took notice of the remarkable talent exhibited by the Westford teams and personally extended their congratulations and appreciation. This gesture transcended mere formality, emphasizing the significant impact and impression left by the winning teams. Such recognition not only enhances the prestige of the triumph but also positions the winning teams as promising talents in the realm of business. It reaffirms Westford University College’s commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also cultivating a supportive environment that propels students towards success and recognition on a broader platform.

As Westford continues to advance in academic excellence and student achievement, these victories further solidify its standing as a leading institution in the UAE. Congratulations to the winning teams and the entire Westford University College community for this outstanding accomplishment in the Business Cup Challenge 2024! 

It's a moment of great pride to see our institution leading the way in innovation. Many thanks to Curtin University for organizing this stimulating event, and heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Hanil, CEO of Westford, for the meaningful token of appreciation. This experience has ignited our passion for nanotechnology, and we look forward to further exploration and innovation in this exciting field. 

Nandu Sreelal

BA (Hons) in Sports Business - LJMU

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