Breaking The Chains Shedding Light On Addiction Awareness

Breaking The Chains Shedding Light On Addiction Awareness

Students from Westford had the opportunity to visit the My Conscious Mind Mental Health Centre led by Jana Habson, psychologist and founder of MCM. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to directly interact with Habson, engaging in meaningful discussions and asking questions.


This hands-on experience proved invaluable as it provided the psychology students with a unique insight into the realities of working in the field of social service. By witnessing Habson’s practical approach to helping those struggling with addiction and depression, the students gained a deeper appreciation for the complexities of these issues and the compassionate care required to address them effectively.


The workshop focused not only on the origins of addiction but also on distinguishing addiction from habit. Students learned about the underlying causes and risk factors that can lead to addiction, including genetic predispositions, environmental influences, and emotional triggers. They were exposed to the idea that addiction is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing psychological, physiological, and social factors.


Overall, the visit to the My Conscious Mind Mental Health Centre was an enlightening experience our students. The workshop not only deepened their understanding of addiction and mental health but also provided them with a real-world perspective on the challenges faced by professionals in the field. Armed with this newfound knowledge and practical insights, the psychology students are better prepared to contribute positively to the world of social service, offering support and understanding to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues in their future careers.

I was hesitant to bring up my own experiences in the room considering that it was my first time visiting a mental health clinic. I eventually got more comfortable interacting as it felt like an honest discussion. Other students were brave as well to share their experiences and it was very interesting. They brought up some of their self-perspectives and it kind of resonated with mine. With their inspiration, I brought up my interest in journaling. In some situations, we were all staring at each other or someplace else and sometimes we had moments of laughter. It made me feel safe and hesitant at the same time. After the discussion, I deeply understood the determinant factors that may lead to addiction. The whole discussion made me feel safe because I entered a completely different environment. It also made me feel reassured about myself. I wished that it was a bit longer because we were running out of time. Despite all of that, I’m genuinely appreciative that this was my first experience, and I would like to go on such trips to gain knowledge in the future.

Maha Abdullah

BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management, LJMU

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