Breaking News: Westford Toastmasters Win Big At Area Competition!

Breaking News: Westford Toastmasters Win Big At Area Competition!
We are thrilled to announce that our MBA Toastmasters student has emerged victorious at the recent Area 29 Competition held on February 25th. Competing against three other clubs, our students clinched the coveted first prize in all categories – International Speech, Evaluations, and Table Topics. Our winning streak was led by our very own star performers with the support of fellow toastmasters. With an unwavering focus on self-improvement and enjoying the experience, our winner shone bright and emerged victorious. In addition, we are delighted to recognize the outstanding performances of TM Nida Sadique, TM Priya Issur, and TM Syed Hussaini, who secured first prizes in the Evaluations, International Speech and Table Topics categories, respectively. Their powerful and gripping speeches captured the hearts of the audience and impressed the judges. But it wasn’t just about winning at the competition. The journey leading up to it was equally special as our students bonded and supported each other through thick and thin. The camaraderie and team spirit were evident as our club’s contestants helped each other tame their speeches and provided words of reassurance during times of distress and joy. This was undoubtedly one of the best experiences in our toastmaster journey, and we can’t wait to create more memorable moments like these with our team. Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to all the members for their unwavering support!

Nida Sadique

MBA International – CCCU, UK

The day of the Area Contest, February 18th, against so many experienced and remarkable speakers was a tough call to make. Especially because the results didn’t go in my favor when I competed the last two times. Not one to rest on my laurels, I picked myself up and dreamed to compete once again and make it to the division level. To actually enjoy the process and let it sink in. I wanted to really live in the moment because as the saying goes, “You don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. That’s why this time, the prayers of my parents, the support of our mentors, and most importantly the togetherness of the club. We not only came 1st in one category but in all four categories! I came through and fulfilled my dream of winning in the area contest in three categories (International speech, Table topics, and Humorous category) but the greater satisfaction was seeing my teammate, Rosalyn Flory, the president of our toastmasters club win in the evaluation category, Ameera Adil, coming second in the table topics category and Reyha Rao who bagged both second and third place in the evaluation and humorous category respectively.


While it is great to win, nothing compares to seeing the people around you succeed as well. That’s why as compared to my previous wins, this year feels so much more special. The winning together mentality is something special and I hope, whoever comes after us, makes their journey both memorable and special just like we did.

David Isaac

BA (Hons) in Business with International Business, LJMU

It was my first time competing and I had my ears and eyes open to embrace the moments and experiences which were to come my way. After delivering my speech, I was satisfied however the feeling that I could have done better, did not leave my thoughts! When the results were announced, I could not believe that I had bagged the 1st prize! I cannot but say thank you to my fellow toastmasters for their unflinching support. All in all, amazing experience and a definite boost to my confidence level! 

Priya Issur

MBA in Business Leadership – UCAM

It's my second time qualifying for the area competition, and it's an honor to win and advance to the division competition. In my first year as a member of the Westford Toastmasters club, I've noticed that I've grown as a person, particularly in terms of my confidence and speaking ability. Despite the fact that the contest was conducted online, it felt incredible to compete against toastmasters from other clubs in the area. I am thankful to Westford University, my mentors, and fellow toastmasters for all the support! 

Reyha Rao

BSc (Hons) in Business with Finance – LJMU

I feel elated that I was placed 2nd in table topics among the other clubs present. My efforts to improve my speaking skills have been successful, as seen by the results! It still feels surreal since this was my first ever contest as a Toastmaster and got to move towards the next level. Always grateful to Westford for providing me with this platform to showcase my talents, and we shall remain victorious! 


Ameera Adil

BSc (Hons) in Business with Digital Marketing – LJMU

It's been almost 8 years since I stepped on the big stage and competed in the Area & Division contest. So, competing again after so long was a wonderful experience and bagging 1st place in the international category was the cherry on top. I am sure the learnings I had from this event will be helpful and contribute positively to my future. 

Syed Maseeha Hussainy

Masters in Business Administration – CMU

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