Bachelor’s Toastmasters Meeting 02 2023-24

Bachelor's Toastmasters Meeting 02 2023-24

“Fashion allows you to become the characters you wish to see.”

In my role as the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD), I chose the theme for the 76th meeting to be “The Realm of Fashion.” My fascination with the fashion world has been long-standing, as it serves as a canvas for individuals to express their creativity through choices in styles, hues, and self-assuredness. I embarked on my fashion journey by delving into diverse elements, experimenting with combinations like sneaker tops matched with dresses and the audacious fusion of shirts with sweatpants—a truly bold sartorial decision on my part!

Before the commencement of the gathering, all attendees, both members and guests alike, were instructed to adhere to a specific dress code: “Adorn your finest attire, spanning from stylish and formal to lavish!” This directive was to be adhered to without exception. When the meeting day arrived, the venue exuded an air of sophistication, refinement, and polished style as participants embraced the dress code with elegance and poise.

The sound of the gavel reverberated, marking the commencement of a day filled with promise. I guided the spirited audience on a journey through the evolution of the fashion world, enabling individuals to share anecdotes about their preferred fashion eras and the one they favoured over others. Alongside them, I also unveiled my diverse sartorial selections, prompting the guests to reveal various facets of their personalities or to draw inspiration from role models they held in high esteem.

The gathering also signified the arrival of three fresh members who regaled us with their personal stories, offering glimpses into their unique identities. After the icebreaker sessions, the Table Topics Master, TM Ayaat, tapped into the attendees’ imaginative and analytical faculties with a range of subjects, spanning from “In what ways have your fashion decisions worked to your advantage?” to “How do prevailing trends influence notions of beauty standards?” The platform brimmed with the audience’s recollections of how embracing confidence had empowered each person to radiate their finest selves, fostering a sense of optimism that enveloped the room.


There was a unanimous consensus that fashion holds the power to instil comfort and confidence in an individual. Consequently, these seemingly straightforward components provide a platform to unveil one's creative inclinations, as eloquently shared by the audience. As the meeting advanced towards its culmination, an impromptu fashion presentation engaged the attendees, enabling them to showcase their distinctive styles. Notably, those who stood out were bestowed with the titles of "Mr. and Ms. Best Dressed." Consequently, this session served as a testament to the newly appointed Executive Committee, affirming that the spirit of Toastmasters resided strongly within the students aspiring to cultivate their public speaking skills and orchestrate more captivating gatherings. 

Ameera Adil

BSc (Hons) in Business with Digital Marketing - LJMU

The room buzzed with anticipation as both Toastmasters and guests gathered, eagerly anticipating the commencement of the meeting led by TMOD, TM Ameera. As she took the stage, she skillfully wove her speech, ensuring the engagement of every member and seamlessly delving into the captivating topic of the Fashion World. By the meeting's conclusion, our collective understanding had expanded, revealing the multifaceted dimensions of fashion and its evolution. Ultimately, the realization dawned upon us that fashion's essence transcends the mere acquisition of expensive garments; it is about the art of styling and how one carries themselves. 

TM Hannah

BA (Hons) Business with International Business, LJMU

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