Autism Transformation Carnival

Autism Transformation Carnival
The Autism Transformation Carnival was a remarkable initiative in the UAE, dedicated to fostering inclusion and raising awareness. The event centered around promoting the significance of inclusivity for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and featured a range of engaging sports activities tailored for children with autism.
Volunteering their time, Westford University College Psychology Students actively participated in the event, playing a vital role in assisting and engaging with students from different autism centers throughout the various activities. Additionally, the students at Westford University College had the unique opportunity to participate in an exclusive discussion forum focused on autism transformation and management. This forum featured panellists from diverse backgrounds, enabling valuable insights and perspectives to be shared. The impact of the Autism Transformation Carnival on society was profound, leaving a lasting impression on all those involved. The students from Westford University College are eager to continue their efforts in raising awareness and providing support to individuals with ASD in the region.

I had the pleasure of attending the carnival organized by the Danube Group company for autistic children in Dubai, and it was truly a heartwarming experience. The carnival was well organized with an abundance of games and activities that provided both physical and social stimulation for the children. The team of organizers was incredibly patient and understanding, and they went out of their way to ensure that the children were comfortable and engaged. Also, it was a different experience for us as it was our first time. We clearly enjoyed the time we got to spend with the kids, which also helped us to understand each of them better. I was moved by the level of commitment shown by the Danube Group company, which created such a safe and fun atmosphere for these children. This event demonstrated the company's dedication to supporting the community and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. I want to express my gratitude to Westford University College for offering us this wonderful opportunity and supporting our attendance at the Carnival.

Tisvin Senu

BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management, LJMU

Westford gave the psychology students an amazing opportunity for taking part in the Autism Transformation Carnival, the carnival sought to raise exposure and highlight the significance of inclusion for people with autism spectrum disorder. We were taken to Danube Sports World, where we had to assist the children of determination with different activities and sports, we had fun games such as throwing the pouch in the same-colored box, exercises such as jumping jacks, and squats, and sports such as football, and paddling. Through all these activities we got to learn how each child is different and unique in their own different ways, we got to learn how to assist each child and help them support in each activity. Overall, the experience that I and my friends had was great, we had a great time spending time with these children, got to mingle with the children, and their parents got to know more about each child, which helped us evaluate and assist them in the best way possible. At the end of the carnival, we had a chance to give out medals and certificates to encourage them into taking part in more such events as well as to congratulate them for taking the initiative for part taking in such events. 

Hannah Sam

BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology with Human Resource Management, LJMU

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