An Exciting Intra-Club Gavels Competition

An Exciting Intra-Club Gavels Competition

An exhilarating gavels competition recently took the center stage at Westfords Toastmasters Club, igniting a battle of wits in table topics and evaluations. Enthusiasm filled the air as four fantastic Westford Toastmasters hosts set the stage, creating an inviting atmosphere for all participants. The camaraderie soared as the entire Westford Toastmasters club and our own Gavels team members cheered us on.


The speaking order was determined by an engaging spinner, and eight brave participants embraced the table topics challenge. Our hearts raced as each one of us was called, our anxieties skyrocketing, but our host skillfully eased our nerves with a thought-provoking question: “If you weren’t who you are today, who would you be?”


Our responses ranged from witty to heartfelt, with mutual encouragement and cheers filling the room. Between judging sessions, our hosts kept us entertained with fun activities and a lively game featuring our Gavels and Toastmasters members working together, further enhancing the jovial atmosphere. Though the Gaviliers gave it their best shot, we graciously accepted the outcome and cherished the experience.

Next up was the evaluations session, highlighted by a captivating speech from a Westford toastmaster, detailing her life through high school and beyond. Despite evaluating a skilled speaker, each participant provided thoughtful and constructive feedback, showcasing our dedication to improvement.

As the competition concluded, the much-anticipated awards ceremony unfolded, filling the room with cheers and applause. Congratulations to Ahal Karim (third place), Naomi Dourado (second place), and Mizhab Shaji (first place) in table topics, and to Niveditha Hanil (third place), Ahal Karim (second place), and Palak Dewani (first place) in evaluations.

Beyond the competition, the event embodied a spirit of joy and love within our Gavels community. It wasn’t just a contest; it was a heartwarming celebration of our shared journey. Our worth isn’t defined by competition, but rather by our growth and unity as a team.


With a sense of accomplishment and a stronger bond among us, we heed the wise words of our club mentors, “What you win here does not determine who you are out there.” Together, as The Westford Gavels Club, we strive for excellence, knowing that we are an incredible team, united in our pursuit of growth and success. 

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