AccelerateHer is a female-oriented scholarship to encourage and enable women to upskill their education. Scholarships are offered by Westford to women around the world to help them continue their academic journeys. Women make up over 70% of the employee demographic at Westford University College. Women are an important part of our organization, and we recognize their potential. Through this scholarship, we hope to give women the opportunity to advance in their careers and lives without feeling burdened by the cost of higher education. Westford University College is proud to offer its aspiring female students a scholarship in its efforts to materialize the institution’s support for women who are on a mission to achieve their dreams and aspirations. All female students pursuing long-term courses such as bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates are eligible to receive a discount of up to AED2,000 on their total tuition fee. So far, 10% of students have availed of the AccelerateHER scholarship, Westford is determined to continue offering the grant to every female student that trusts the institution with providing them not only a scholarship but a 360-degree learning environment, with quality education and a fulfilling university experience.

“Westford is proud to support the educational and career advancement of female students with the AcceleratHER Scholarship Program. The Women’s Scholarship is just one part of Westford's broader initiatives, designed to attract top female prospective students, and facilitate a dynamic network of alumnae. Diversity and inclusion are Westford's #1 focus, and we want to support and create concrete ways to grow the pipeline of female talent in our student community. I encourage all students, especially women, to think about that little next step – the next step you take can make all difference. Have the courageous conversation with yourself, build momentum and execute today – it’s all now in your reach with the AcceleratHER Scholarship”.

Divya Nair

Manager, Admissions


“Women Education strengthens economies and reduces inequality". The Women's Empowerment Scholarship offered by WUC has been motivating, encouraging, and enabling women to pursue higher education and make their dreams come true. It has been a big support to aspiring women specially with low income. Thank you WUC for always making a difference in every student of ours.”

Gorette Fernandes

Manager Admissions


“Gender equality is a success factor when it comes to leadership in all sectors,Westford has a strong connection to its female students and staff communities and is committed to helping the next generation of women who strive to change the world and women’s position in it. Westford has created Women scholarship opportunities which provide greater access to higher education and encourages women excelling in their career. I feel glad and proud to be associated with Westford helping women achieve their goals.”

Akansha Suneja

Manager- Admissions


This scholarship has allowed me to keep my focus on my academic studies, as well as live a well-balanced life. This award is more than just an award; it provides opportunities for the future.

Joceline Ghaly

Doctorate of Business AdministrationUCAM


“I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this and I am deeply appreciative of Westford’s generosity. Your efforts inspired me to focus my future endeavors on supporting women's empowerment initiatives.”

Nazneen Sameeu

MBA in Sales and Marketing UCAM


“The scholarship will allow me to pursue my degree, reducing the financial pressure. This is truly a blessing for me as I will be able to fully immerse myself into studies, and as a result, achieve better grades.”

Sharoma Talishia Dihal

Higher National Diploma in Business Pearson


I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity I received to pursue my Doctorate in Business Administration at Westford University. I was planning to continue my studies in business after my MBA, but I faced a financial support obstacle, due to which I hesitated to apply and decided to postpone it until I was contacted by Westford University and was offered. The women Accelerator Scholarship. This scholarship along with the support of the admissions team has encouraged me to take the step and apply for my DBA at Westford, which in addition to being an accredited university, it has a welcoming environment where I felt comfortable studying and networking. Thank you for all your support and looking forward to beginning this journey soon.

Dunya Nassir

Doctorate of Business Administration UCAM


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Westford team. I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Woman Empowerment Scholarship. I am grateful to learn of my selection for this award and I deeply appreciate every member of the university. By granting me the scholarship, you all have eased my financial burden which allows me to focus on my education.

Mary Charm Sutayco

Doctorate of Business Administration GAU


“The scholarship that I have been awarded will bring me a step closer to living out my dreams. I have always had a desire and determination, and now you have made this possible for me.”

Nehad Bashir

MBA International CCCU


“Just knowing that this scholarship is available gave me the spark I needed to think that my education was possible. Westford is part of my story, more so because of the support it gave me to succeed academically.”

Shivangi Maneesha Dihal

Higher National Diploma in Art and Design (Fashion)

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