A Story Of A Team With Grit And Passion For The Game Of Volleyball

A Story Of A Team With Grit And Passion For The Game Of Volleyball

A high-performance team will never shy away from challenges. It is nearly impossible to describe in words how amazingly they overcome any challenges thrown at them. Westford University College’s Volleyball Team is one of the high-performing teams where they won the Runners Up at Manipal Sports Fest in a most dramatic fashion.


Rewind to all the matches played at the tournament where our boys won fair and square except for the last one where we were short by only 2 points. Some of the players fought through the injuries but delivered the performance that helped us clinch the Runners Up at Manipal Sports Fest. “As a team, we are always one unit. We had a lot of highs and lows but continued to fight through everything to make it to the finals. We fell a bit short of where we wanted to be, but there’s so much we learned as a team. It’s an accomplishment in itself says our captain- Mohammed Nihal”.


The success of our team comes from the training. The explosiveness, the quick reflexes, and the grit and passion our boys have for the game are commendable. Now, the team is more confident and determined to produce better results in the upcoming tournaments. Overall, our university is more than proud of our champion athletes. Well done!


I am extremely proud of my team and every moment we shared together has been wonderful. Our team's best quality is that we never give up. The finest part of our experience is that every time we train, we learn a new formation and strategy for the game. Although we lost the final and received the silver medal, this is not the end as there are still many competitions we will win in the future and hopefully bring home a gold medal.

Suhail Bin

BSc (Hons) in Business with Digital Marketing, – LJMU


Our team was given the chance to compete in the Manipal sports fest where we had an incredible time. We were able to get to the finals with the help of my teammates. Unfortunately, we had to settle for the runner-up position. But, for the next tournaments, we set bigger goals and will dominate every game to get the gold.

Mohammed Nazim

BSc (Hons) in Business Management - CCCU

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