A Glimpse into Westford Student Council Badging Ceremony

A Glimpse into Westford Student Council Badging Ceremony

At Westford, we are given a platform to develop the necessary skills that would not only help us in university life but also our careers. Running for student council is one of the most exciting experiences for a student, and it certainly showed during the campaign with the amount of e ort they put in to be selected! After a rigorous selection proceed, the student council body was formed consisting of 40+ talented members. 15th February 2024, marks itself as another milestone date in my Westford journey. To have been given the position of ‘Student Council Mentor’ for the year 2023 – 2024 was truly something beyond my wildest dreams. The badging ceremony was another core memory to remember. To have been badged alongside other deserving leaders in the presence of the faculties, Associate Deans and Mr. Hanil was the perfect culmination of this achievement.

Our hosts for the day, Ameera and Samuel, did a wonderful job at making the crowd nostalgic with all the past student council initiatives. The entire council was ecstatic about how far we all have come. What a year it was! Mr. Zawahir also went on to give us a motivational push and share some of his stories which excited us all for the year that lay ahead!


However, beyond the titles and ceremonies, it is the bonds forged and the lessons learned that will truly define the journey to come. Looking ahead, I am filled with both curiosity and humility, knowing that the journey that lies ahead will be full of learning and triumph. But with the guidance of the faculty and the support of my fellow council members, I am confident that together we will make this a successful year. Thank you, Westford! 

Rosalyn Flory

BSc (Hons) Business with Finance – LJMU, UK

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