A Bowling Adventure with Westford Gavels Club

A Bowling Adventure with Westford Gavels Club

Ever imagined exchanging speeches for strikes and gavels for bowling balls? At the Westford Gavels Club, we turned this fantasy into reality on Feb 3rd, diving headfirst into the world of tenpin bowling for an unforgettable experience. As the Dubai International Bowling Centre became our stage, the air buzzed with friendly competition, laughter, and the strong camaraderie that defines our club meetings.


Picture this: Gavels in hand, we traded our usual podiums for bowling lanes, turning our club’s camaraderie into strikes and spares! Five fearless captains, including our mentors, emerged to lead their teams with zeal, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship that transcended the lanes. Our resident shutterbugs captured the merriment, preserving memories of laughter erupting after spectacular strikes and the occasional gutter ball.


This adventure wasn’t just about knocking down pins; it was about building stronger bonds among the members. New connections were forged, existing friendships were deepened, and unexpected commonalities were uncovered within our Gavels family. The event provided a refreshing break from our routines, offering a chance to de-stress from exam-induced anxieties, have fun, and connect with fellow Gaveliers on a whole new level.


As the final frame approached, a champion was crowned by the narrowest of margins – just one pin! Yet, the celebration extended far beyond the bowling lanes. Westford treated the entire group to a celebratory feast at the Century Mall food court. Amidst servings of pizza, chicken, biryani, and endless laughter, we shared tales of triumphs and mishaps, further strengthening the bonds forged on the bowling alley.


The Westford Gavels Club isn’t your average club. We take the lessons learned in our meetings and translate them into real-life experiences, proving that leadership isn’t just about gavels and speeches, but about fostering support and encouragement in every frame of life. Our bowling extravaganza was a testament to this very notion. Just like during evaluations, we offered playful pointers, celebrated each other’s successes, and offered encouragement even after the occasional gutter ball. This unique blend is what truly sets the Westford Gavels Club apart.

The day wasn't just about strikes and spares; it was a masterclass in creative ball delivery styles. We witnessed throws that defied the laws of physics and approaches that resembled interpretive dance. But hey, who needs perfect form when you have pure enthusiasm and a supportive team cheering you on?

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible mentors - Rosalyn, David, Reyha, and Sahil
- for making this event a "striking" success! Their guidance, both on and off the lanes, epitomizes the values of camaraderie and the application of our learnings beyond the confines of the meeting room, reinforcing the essence of the Westford Gavels Club.

But our adventure doesn't end here. If you're seeking personal growth, join us at the Westford Gavels Club. There's always a place for you in our vibrant community. Experience firsthand the joy of learning, laughter, and friendship as we continue to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Naomi Dourado

Dubai International Academy

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