3×3 Street Soccer & Esports Competition

3x3 Street Soccer & Esports Competition

The Westford Sports Club organized a unique and exciting event on July 13th & 14th, 2023, where they combined Football and cutting-edge technology in the second edition of the 3v3 Street Soccer Tournament and the inaugural Esports competition.


The event witnessed intense rivalry between the four houses—Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta—as they competed fiercely in both physical and virtual arenas. The Esports competition showcased thrilling battles in FIFA and Call of Duty, with our students showcasing their skills and passion for gaming.


The 3v3 Street Soccer Tournament was a spectacular display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Teams representing the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta houses competed on the football field at the Al Zahia campus, showcasing their immense talent and unwavering passion for the beautiful game. It was a thrilling event that brought out the best in all the participants, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Alpha House emerged as a dominant force in the tournament, showcasing their strength and skill from the very beginning. With impeccable strategic plays and flawless coordination among team members, Alpha’s chemistry was unmatched and posed a formidable challenge for their opponents. As the tournament unfolded, Alpha continued their winning streak, defeating every team they faced with ease. Their remarkable performance led them to a well-deserved victory in the final, solidifying their position as champions of the 3v3 Street Soccer Tournament.


 The Westford Sports Club organizers introduced an exciting addition to the event by incorporating Esports, a rapidly growing form of competitive gaming, alongside the 3v3 street soccer tournament. Esports has been gaining immense popularity globally, captivating millions of players and spectators alike. In this inaugural Esports competition, two popular games, FIFA and Call of Duty, were selected for their wide appeal and competitive intensity, promising an engaging and thrilling experience for both participants and the audience. 

In addition to the 3v3 tournament and Esports competition, the Westford Dance Club and Westford Music Club delivered outstanding performances that captivated and entertained the audience throughout the event. Their exceptional displays left the audience thoroughly delighted and engaged.


The Westford 3v3 Street Soccer Tournament and Esports competition were significant and memorable events, seamlessly bringing together Football and the exciting world of competitive gaming. This celebration not only honoured sportsmanship but also opened doors for future advancements and partnerships between traditional and digital sports. It was a remarkable occasion that demonstrated the potential for unity and innovation in the realm of sports. 

I am thrilled to have organized the first-ever Esports Competition at Westford University College, as Esports is an industry that continues to flourish. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills and tactics while indulging in their favourite games in a competitive setting. The experience of organizing this event was immensely enriching, as I gained valuable insights into the workings of the latest technology and technical aspects related to Esports. This newfound knowledge has further enhanced my understanding of the field, and I look forward to implementing it in future endeavours.


The day before the Esports competition, Westford University College hosted its second 3v3 street soccer event, showcasing the incredible skills and talents of our players to the street soccer community. Once again, it proved the capacity of our players to excel in this form of sport. Events like these have the power to unite people and foster a love for sports, leisure, and recreational activities. Being part of the sports batch and involved in organizing such events always brings me joy and satisfaction. 

Lyel Fernandes

BA (Hons) Sports Business. LJMU

I had the pleasure of participating once again in the 3v3 football competition at the Al Zahia campus, not just as an organizer but also as a player. It was a fantastic experience, and I, along with my teammates Zidan, Tabish, and Abdulrahman, showcased our skills and made it to the final. Interestingly, the final was an Alpha vs Alpha face-off, demonstrating the dominance of Alpha House in football once again. I was thrilled and honoured to receive the best player award from Coach Srijith, and I am truly grateful for the recognition. This success has only fueled my passion for more such opportunities.

In addition to the success of the 3v3 tournament, we also witnessed our first Esports competition, featuring FIFA 23 and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. I had a great time competing in FIFA 23 with my teammate Denzil, and we managed to come out on top. Being part of these events was truly amazing, and I am eagerly looking forward to more such experiences in the future. 

Mahdi Toi Mohammed

BSc (Hons) Business with International Business Management, LJMU

The inaugural Esports tournament at Westford University College was an overwhelming success, leaving a lasting mark in the institution's history. The enthralling games of Call of Duty and FIFA captivated both participants and spectators, making it an exciting event. Despite the challenge of organizing a tournament with two games, our exceptional team, including Lyel and Mahdi, rose to the occasion and efficiently managed the event, attracting around 30 enthusiastic student registrations.


Working alongside my teammates, Lyel and Mahdi, was an immensely fulfilling experience. Managing the complexities of the tournament was invigorating, and it reinforced the value of exploring new opportunities and pushing our boundaries. I am deeply grateful to Westford University for providing me with this incredible opportunity to be part of such a memorable endeavour. 

Shanice Rodrigues

BA (Hons) Sports Business, LJMU

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