Diversity And Inclusion Are Westford’s Core Values!

Diversity And Inclusion Are
Westford's Core Values!
Lets Hear What Our Student Community
Has To Say About Studying With Us....

David F. Snowden

MBA - SQA, CMU | American
When I began researching options for earning an internationally recognized MBA, I had no idea I would study at such a diverse school with classmates from around the globe. Westford was a pleasant surprise, and my favourite part of the 18-month journey has been the friends I have made who welcomed me into their lives and opened my eyes to other wonderful cultures.

Sarah Faris Musa Alemara

MBA - SQA, CMU | American
It is a new experience for me, studying with students of dierent nationalities and cultures. Even though we all share dierent viewpoints on a lot of things, at Westford we’re all the same. There’s so much to learn from each other and the respect we share amongst ourselves is great. I thank Westford to give me such an experience that makes me ready to work in a global society.

Ahmad Kharrat

MBA - SQA, CMU | Syrian
Like my colleague Mhd Wael, I too feel welcome at Westford which makes my study experience even more enjoyable. There’s a lot to learn from each other that helps us understand our dierences and break stereotypes.

Mhd Wael Alnajjar

MBA - SQA, CMU | Syrian
At Westford, I am privileged to study among a group of high-caliber students who share common goals. Most of us come from dierent parts of the world but we are all welcomed despite our dierences. This is the most important thing while studying abroad and Westford does a really good job at it!

Enrico John Niño Chavez

MBA - SQA, CMU | Filipino
“Being a Westfordian, I was fortunate to interact with faculty members and fellow students who are from multiple countries with dierent religions and cultural beliefs. It only shows that there are no ‘barriers’ when it comes to education. Westford University is an advocate of diversity, inspiring

Jasem Moh'd Hijazi Ishaq Zaiton

MBA EDSML – CMU | Jordanian
Diversity defines me & Westford University has been a great host for students with multicultural backgrounds”

Mazen Taha Ali Senan

MBA - SQA, CMU | Yemeni
“Westford has been a great platform for education and even more an amazing platform that brings together individual from dierent countries across the globe. All nationalities are well accepted at Westford, I never felt away from home.”

Asia Naseryar

MBA EDSML – CMU | Afghani
“Westford university gave me a lot of experience about dierent cultures and helped me to prepare for a career within a global setting. I got a broad view on each topic because in Westford university, everyone comes from dierent backgrounds and everyone has something di erent to say.”

MBA - SQA, CMU | Sri Lankan
“As a full-time Sri Lankan student at Westford, I've noticed that diversity, equity, and inclusion are encouraged since they enrich the student experiences and equip international students to communicate with everyone. It's a crucial component that will assist students in a variety of ways during their college years.”

Ismail Uluc Tekeli

MBA EDSML – CMU | Turkish
“I have had an excellent experience at Westford University College where I’ve been part of cultural exchange and brainstorming among students and faculties of multiple nationalities”

Hala Maan Eid

MBA - SQA, CMU | Syrian
“My experience at Westford has been great and one of the most interesting parts is the cultural diversity in the class. Many of my classmates come from dierent parts of the world and that has made the learning experience more engaging and interesting as each student would share ideas and examples influenced by their culture or country and I found that very insightful and exciting”

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